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Android Ebook App – Learn how to create a Android Ebook App using Android. This simple application can be used in any system that needed a login verification. Android is a mobile functioning system developed by Android. It used in several gadgets behind smartphones, tablets, and even television. Android is entry source to developers who has an fascination in developing mobile apps. It with provides an adaptive framework that allows the developer to fabricate apps in a simpler way. In this iOS application source code you will learn roughly admob,android,android studio,app,book,ebook,firebase,java,material design,onesignal,pdf,php,push notification,story,template.

Choose from over 3,700 Android app templates. Explore items created by our global community of independent developers, confident they’re hand-reviewed by us. Please download (title) source code project through link below.

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Android Ebook App - 1
Android Ebook App - 2


Android Ebook App is a mobile Ebook system which run under Android platform that used for your own ebook or story application. Using Admin Panel backend with powerful and responsive can manage unlimited books category and story, etc. This application created by Android for client side and then PHP MySQL for Admin side. Run under Android platform which is the most popular operating system in the world.

Clean code and good design is main priority, by using this app, you can turn your Blogspot site to Android app just for few minutes, or you can built an Android News App with Blogspot as your Server Side, so you save your money and without any additonal cost to buy a Server.


  • Android Studio Arctic Fox 2020.3.1
  • Gradle 7
  • Java Programming Language
  • PHP & MySQL Database
  • Web Hosting & Domain
  • TargetSdkVersion 31
  • Text Editor : Notepad++ / Sublim Text / etc


  • Implement Google Material Material Design for Android
  • Bottom Navigation
  • Admin Panel (PHP & MySQL Database)
  • Using 6 Ad Networks (AdMob,, Unity Ads, AppLovin’s MAX, Mopub, Audience Network)
  • Audience Network Open Bidding with (AdMob, AppLovin’s MAX or Mopub) as Mediation Partner
  • Support App Open, Banner, Interstitial & Native Ad formats
  • Switch Ads
  • Integrated with FCM & OneSignal Push Notification
  • Send Notification with link
  • Implement GDPR
  • Support PDF
  • Bookmark with laset reading page
  • Swipe to next or previous page
  • Jum to page number
  • Search books
  • Splash Screen
  • In App Review
  • Rate, Share & More apps
  • About Dialog
  • Easy configuration
  • Ripple Effect
  • Swipe to refresh
  • Shimmer Effect on Refresh
  • Load More Pagination
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Dark Theme
  • Clean Code
  • Well documentation

Demo APK

Android Ebook App - 3

Demo Admin Panel

Android Ebook App - 4

Username : admin

Password : admin

Android Ebook App - 5

What you get

  • Full Android Source Code (Android Studio)
  • Full Admin Panel Source Code (PHP & MySQL Database)
  • Full Documentation


Android EbookApp v4.0.0
- Android Studio Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1
- Update Gradle 7.0
- Migrate jCenter to mavenCentral
- Min SDK version 21 (Lollipop)
- New UI with Bottom Navigation
- Add Books Categories
- Bookmark with last reading page
- Reading book in fullscreen mode
- Supports 6 Ad Networks (AdMob, Startapp, Unity Ads, AppLovin's MAX, Mopub, FAN)
- Audience Network Open Bidding (AdMob, AppLovin's MAX or Mopub as mediation partner)
- Add App Open Ad format for AdMob
- Always display Native Ad in full width
- Supports FCM and OneSignal Push Notification
- Custom fonts
- Use FCM topic instead recorded token from database (no longer used)
- Security improvement by replacing admin panel url with server key

Android EbookApp v3.1.0
- Build in latest Android Studio 4.1.0
- Update the dependencies library
- Update Gradle 6.5
- Build in PDF Reader (APK size become larger) - see FAQ
- Replace AdMob smart banner to adaptive banner
- Fix minor bugs

Android Ebook App v3.0.1
- Build in latest Android Studio 3.3.1
- Update to latest Gradle Tools and Library
- Fix description content that doesn’t appear

Android Ebook App v3.0.0
Important Note : This version as new app and it’s not compatible with previous or older version, so, using this latest project and admin panel is mandatory.
- Build in latest Android Studio 3.2.1
- Update to latest Gradle Tools and Library
- Update targetSdkVersion to 28
- Comply with GDPR Policy for EEA (European Economic Area) country
- Increase the appearance of Interstitial Ads
- PDF Support (Upload / Direct Link)
- OneSignal Push Notification
- Improvement Android UI Design
- Improvement Admin Panel UI Design
- Eclipse Project Removed (Deprecated)

Android Ebook App v2.1.2
- Build in latest version of Android Studio
- Update additional libraries to the latest version
- Firebase Push Notification
- Firebase Analytics
- Navigation Drawer with Header Image
- Swipe Down to Refresh Menu
- Material Design Improvement
- Redesign Admin Panel Dashboard with UI Material Design

Android Ebook App v1.0.0
- Initial Release

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Script DemoDownload Script

admob,android,android studio,app,book,ebook,firebase,java,material design,onesignal,pdf,php,push notification,story,template

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