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Posted on Payment Terminal – If you are looking for Php script or web based application. later you can locate it here happening the best php script for your thing or you can use it for growth your programming skill. were to be used in a web application, it would writing a script, after that it is important to know obsession to be written by a php developer. In this php application you can learn and easy to use about amex,arb,,,checkout,credit card payments,discover,mastercard,payment form,payment gateway,paypal,paypal recurring,recurring billing,trial periods. Php script thaht will urge on you to write a website gone your own code. So, what is Payment Terminal ? You can can download and attempt it through button bellow.

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Test Credit Card Info:
Please select AMEX, any credit card name, card number should be – 370000000000002 with any CVV and any future date.


v2.4.1 – 12 April 2021
– Improvement: disabled autocomplete on the payment form
– Bug: fixed recurring transaction error message processing

v2.4.0 – 11 May 2020
– Improvement: replaced deprecated AIM method with new API
– Improvement: added option to redirect customer after payment (config file)

v2.3 – 25 November 2019
– added PHP 7+ support

v2.2 – 13 November 2015
– added reCaptcha by Google (enable in config file)

v2.1 – 05 August 2014
– fixed issue with paypal URL listener
– added customer fields to ARB processing
– fixed issue with mktime() error
– added default timezone (US/Eastern) in config.php
– removed all eregi statements
– fixed issue with amounts containing ”,”
– adjusted paypal ssl call

v2.0 – 14 November 2012
– added credit card type guesser
– added paypal payments standard as payment option
– added recurring billing ( ARB and PayPal Website Payments Standard “Recurring”)
– added jquery ui, jquery tools accordion and colorbox functionality.
– added option to set trial periods (both and paypal payments)
– added subscription cancellation functionality for
– added subscription cancellation and payment refunds email notifications for paypal website payments standard
– fixed some other minor bugs & issues
– overall code improvements

Initial release on 25 April 2011 Payment Terminal - 9 Payment Terminal - Payment Terminal - Payment Terminal - Payment Terminal - 13 Payment Terminal - Payment Terminal - 15 Payment Terminal - 16

Script DemoDownload Script

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