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Bitcord DEX | Cryptocurrency BEP-20 Exchange / Swap – Learn how to make a Bitcord DEX | Cryptocurrency BEP-20 Exchange / Swap using Javascript. This simple application can be used in any system that needed a login verification. Javascript is a web and mobile committed system developed to built web and mobile application. It used in several gadgets similar to smartphones, tablets, and even television. Javascript is door source to developers who has an fascination in developing website or mobile apps. It as a consequence provides an adaptive framework that allows the developer to produce apps in a simpler way. In this iOS application source code you will learn approximately bep-20,binance,bsc,dex,exchange,pancakeswap,swap,token exchange.

Choose from over 1,200 Javascript app templates. Explore items created by our global community of independent developers, confident they’re hand-reviewed by us. Please download Bitcord DEX | Cryptocurrency BEP-20 Exchange / Swap source code project through link below.

Script DemoDownload Script

If you need help contact us on Telegram: @zilab_technologies

Bitcord DEX | Cryptocurrency BEP-20 Exchange / Swap is a full software that you need to start your own DEX. With this software, you can earn fees from all the ongoing transactions on your own DEX. You don’t need to provide any LP (Liquditiy Pools) because this is a fork of the existing Pancake Swap. You can set the % fee for each transaction on our made smart contract that is included in the project files. Usually, the fees are from 1-2% of the total amount.

Bitcord DEX | Cryptocurrency BEP-20 Exchange / Swap script is only supporting BSC network!


What is a DEX?

A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a peer-to-peer marketplace where users can trade cryptocurrencies in a non-custodial manner without the need for an intermediary to facilitate the transfer and custody of funds.


  • The smart contract included (auditable)
  • Easy to add new pairs
  • Set commission fee on the smart contract
  • Enable/Disable tokens
  • Metamask Integration
  • Trust Wallet Integration
  • Auto Balance Reading
  • 50/100% buttons for inputs
  • Metamask token import functionality
  • Web3 Integration
  • Connect/Disconnect wallet functionality
  • Fully responsive UI
  • Easy JSON Configuration file for the website
  • Rotate token functionality
  • And more

Smart Contract Functions

  • addWhitelistedTokens
  • approveTokens
  • customSwapTokens
  • emergencyWithdraw
  • emergencyWithdrawETH
  • removeWhitelistedTokens
  • setFeeAccount
  • setFeePercent
  • swapTokens
  • transferOwnership

Bitcord DEX | Cryptocurrency BEP-20 Exchange / Swap software interacts with the smart contract functions by using web3.


  • BNB Wallet
  • 0.05 BNB on the wallet
  • Code Editor
  • Node.js


Script DemoDownload Script

bep-20,binance,bsc,dex,exchange,pancakeswap,swap,token exchange

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