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Hello there, if you are looking for wordpress theme about application,candidate,career,employer,employment,job board,job listings directory,job portal,job postings,job theme,jobs,listing,recruitment,resume,wp job manager for your site/blog, below is a beatiful theme Cariera – Job Board WordPress Theme, that you can use for the site.

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Cariera – Job Board WordPress Theme

Cariera is a professional oriented WordPress Theme based on WP Job Manager. It is a complete solution for both Employers and Candidates offering different job layouts, advanced stats, private messaging system, premium dashboard for each user role and advanced searching options. By buying & fully importing the theme you will get the exact same website as the live demo within minutes!

No Extra Plugins are required!
Version 1.6.1 available now!
Full Changelog

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Cariera - Job Board WordPress Theme - 1 Cariera - Job Board WordPress Theme - 2

Cariera - Job Board WordPress Theme - 3
Cariera - Job Board WordPress Theme - 4
Cariera - Job Board WordPress Theme - 5
Cariera - Job Board WordPress Theme - 6
Cariera - Job Board WordPress Theme - 7
Cariera - Job Board WordPress Theme - 8
Cariera - Job Board WordPress Theme - 9
Cariera - Job Board WordPress Theme - 10
Cariera - Job Board WordPress Theme - 11
Cariera - Job Board WordPress Theme - 12
Cariera - Job Board WordPress Theme - 13
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Cariera - Job Board WordPress Theme - 15
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Cariera - Job Board WordPress Theme - 17
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Cariera - Job Board WordPress Theme - 19

Theme Details

Cariera comes with 12 different unique homepages and lots of extra pages for you to modify and choose for your website. With the advanced one click demo importer you will be able to import the demo within minutes and have the same website just like in the live demo.

The theme is built with Elementor, one of the most popular free page builders in the WordPress market, it comes with tons of custom elements.

Being able to customize every single layout aspect is Cariera’s unique strength. Unlimited colors, google fonts, movable sidebars, multiple headers & footers and combining it with one of the most popular plugins Slider Revolution to make amazing galleries and sliders that will give your website a stunning effect.

A light weighted theme with high speed performance enhancement, adaptable for all screens and browsers with retina ready quality will definitely be the perfect place for companies and job aspirants to connect. All visitors will love how easy our theme is with its modern job search filters, CV submission processes, as well as contacting with Candidates/Employers via Contact Form 7. Your visitors will always be the first to know the latest news by subscribing to your website through the MailChimp Subscription Plugin.

The theme comes with a unique WooCommerce Integrated design which allows you to sell your own goods through your website.

We deliver tons of features, a fully detailed documentation, great customer support and this is just the begining…

Core Plugin Support:

All the Plugins listed below expand the theme’s core functionality and are fully supported.

  • Resume Manager
  • Job Alerts
  • Job Tags
  • WC Paid Listings
  • Bookmarks
  • Applications

Compatible Third Party Plugins: – SOLD SEPARATELY –

The plugins are SOLD SEPARATELY and are NOT included in the Theme or used in the live demo

You can extend your website’s functionality with the plugins listed below, Cariera offers full compatibility.

  • Search & Filtering for WP Job Manager
  • WP Job Manager – Field Editor
  • WP Job Manager – Packages
  • WP Job Manager – Emails
  • WP Job Manager – Visibility
  • Resume Alerts for WP Job Manager
  • Essentials for WP Job Manager
  • LinkedIn for WP Job Manager
  • Go Fetch Jobs

None of the mentioned plugins above has been used in the live demo!

Extra Features:

  • Built with Elementor
  • 12 Unique Home Pages
  • Create beautiful slides with Revolution Slider (plugin included)
  • Extended Elements for Elementor
  • Advanced Demo Importer
  • Google Map & Leaflet map Support
  • Private Messaging System
  • Advanced Search fields
  • Different Preloaders
  • 8 different Job listing layouts
  • 4 different Company listing layouts
  • 4 different Resume listing layouts
  • Fully Responsive
  • Blog Post Formats (Standard, Aside, Audio, Image, Quote, Video, Gallery)
  • Different Testimonial Styles
  • Contact Form 7 support for Candidates and Companies
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Full translatable (.pot file included)
  • SEO Ready
  • Advanced Typography Control
  • Google fonts (800+) support
  • Child Theme Included
  • W3C Valid HTML
  • Reliable Support
  • Well Documented
  • More features coming soon!


Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any presale questions or if you have already bought the theme and need help with it.
I would be more than happy to help and answer all of your questions.
If you have any suggestions about what you might want to be added in the future updates please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Update Logs

Ver. 1.6.1 – 30.05.2022

        - Messages email notification
        - Autoload interval option for Messaging system (to lighten server load on autoloading messages and conversations)
        - "Sidebar Search" option for job_board shortcode in case the main page uses sidebar search

        - Messaging system performance
        - Messaging system database handlings
        - Messaging system logics and functions
        - Job sidebar search page handling

Ver. 1.6.0 – 11.05.2022

        - *** Private Messaging System
        - * Resume Grid 3 Layout
        - * Related Resumes based on Resume Category
        - * Compatibility with WPJM Essentials plugin
        - "One time purchase" option on listing submission package
        - "Custom redirection page" option on login settings
        - "cariera_candidate_detail_actions" actions on candidate details
        - New hooks to WPJM Applications template
        - Listing ID & URL in webhook data response
        - Company shortcode filters for data atts
        - Filter to make Company Manager field required on job submission
        - Additional filters to allow easier customization
        - Filters to change default listing image
        - Author support for companies
        - Compatibility with Elementor 3.6.0
        - Company logos show on "my bookmarks" for bookmarked companies
        - Registration complete action for better customization handling
        - Number group on the [cariera_companies_list] shortcode
        - "Essentials for WPJM" plugin in the Cariera Welcome page

        - Reset password
        - Password reset email headers get pulled from Cariera Email Settings
        - ajax search check isset() like core for resume search
        - ajax search check isset() like core for company search
        - Frontend style handling
        - License management system
        - Theme security when theme is not activated
        - Cariera avatar functions
        - Better descriptions for the "Companies -> Settings -> Pages" settings
        - Bootstrap map notice doesn't shown anymore in console
        - [cariera_companies_list] shortcode output handled via template
        - Company alphabetical list rewritten
        - Lighter listing data on demo import

        - HTML tags are not rendered in Cariera Settings "title description" 
        - PHP errors when WPJM plugin is not activated
        - PHP Error with "Resume Search" Elementor element
        - Issue on Grid listings not displaying right when S&F plugin is enabled
        - Company can not be accessed from job if it's not published
        - Avoid accessing pending companies from jobs which results in 404 page
        - Job Grid 1 showing category slug instead of name
        - Google maps issue due to their API changes
        - Job types not being reset when search resets
        - “_register_controls is deprecated” error
        - Not showing right company logo for bookmarked jobs that use Cariera Companies
        - Not showing right company logo for jobs that use Cariera Companies on auto suggest keyword search
        - Application email showing with "http://" on single job listing
        - Cariera popup issues on user dashboard

        - Core plugins updated
        - POT translation files

Ver. 1.5.6 – 12.01.2022

        - REST API for Cariera Company
        - Delete all notifications via the backend
        - Reset company search
        - Show custom job & resume fields in REST

        - Company meta data handling
        - Company AJAX search
        - Listing Category Elementor elements
        - "Update available" badge in Cariera -> Welcome -> Plugins

        - Small design issue on single job v2 & v3
        - External redirection count fix
        - PHP error on external redirection
        - Listing loader misalignment on resumes & company search
        - PHP error on candidate dashboard
        - Expiration date issue on single Job & Resume version 2-3
        - Single Job pages showing plain/empty map if no location has been added
        - Single Resume pages showing plain/empty map if no location has been added
        - Single Company pages showing plain/empty map if no location has been added
        - Compatibility improvements with Kirki v.4 

        - Core Plugins
        - POT Files

Ver. 1.5.5 – 13.12.2021

        - **2 new single job listing layouts
        - **2 new single resume layouts
        - **2 new single company layouts
        - REST API support for Resume listings
        - _company_manager_id meta is added to a job's REST (job's company can be managed via REST API)
        - Company contact visibility option
        - Separated redirection setting for Candidates on login/register
        - Edit job/resume/company button on single listing page (only shown to the listing's author)
        - reCaptcha support for Forget Password form
        - Option to set footer text color

        - Overall Security
        - General code improvements by following latest WordPress standards
        - Main plugin file cariera-core.php, turned into a class
        - PHP 8 compatibility
        - "_featured" meta set to 0 instead of being deleted after promotion ends
        - Job Ajax Filter JS
        - Forget password will not work on accounts that are "pending" or "denied" 
        - Strengthened "Username generation" from email when username field is disabled
        - Some shortcode functions added into the new shortcode.php file for better management
        - Job/Resume/Company sidebar searches are added into the widget as shortcodes instead of being directly coded
        - Totally rewritten single job listing html markup structure
        - Totally rewritten single resume html markup structure
        - Totally rewritten single company html markup structure
        - Single Job sidebar is now added via hooks instead of sidebar-single-job.php
        - Single Resume sidebar is now added via hooks instead of sidebar-single-resume.php
        - Single Company sidebar is now added via hooks instead of sidebar-single-company.php
        - Single job listing SEO improvements
        - Single resume SEO improvements
        - Single company SEO improvements
        - Cariera company template handling
        - Handling for showing company's job listings
        - Job application is now being hooked via function instead of directly coded
        - "Application" Notification gets triggered via the new "job_manager_applications_new_job_application" action
        - Get user companies function
        - Company selection on job submission
        - UX: "Existing Company" will be selected by default if the user has at least 1 company
        - "Pending" companies can now be selected via the "company selection" field when posting a job
        - Company's job listings function query
        - Menu helper functions
        - Related jobs will not show on job submission (preview step)
        - Company contact form will not show on preview step
        - Half map listings: responsive UI
        - Company logos on job listings when "cariera company integration" is disabled
        - Job applications markup improvements
        - HTML markup on pages, page templates and blog posts

        - PHPCS errors & warnings
        - PHP error when company is in "preview" step and has no active jobs
        - Company's jobs showing on company preview PHP error on PHP 8
        - PHP 8 issue on company submission
        - Company duplication when drafting a job and continuing to post it
        - Company load more button UI
        - Map not showing right company logo if job has native company logo meta
        - Company can not be bookmarked when on "preview" stage anymore
        - Generated passwords being escaped and not allowing user to login
        - Registration when email prefix is under 4 characters
        - Forget password spinner animation
        - Job Tag taxonomy showing only 10 jobs
        - Job Alert form not sending since 1.5.5 due to permission checkbox
        - Submission T&C checkbox not showing notice when not checked
        - Mobile menu not opening on 1024px screen (iPad Pro)
        - CF7 button not being centered due to spinner
        - Listing submission: Select2 and inputs have same height now
        - Listing promotions escaping html tags
        - Job search tags not changing to primary color when active
        - Compatibility issues with WPJM Resumes 1.18.5
        - Dashboard scrollbar not showing on Firefox
        - Sidebar showing on blog when "no sidebar" has been selected

        - Core plugins
        - .Pot files
        - leaflet-gesture-handling.js library 1.2.1 to 1.2.2

        - sidebar-single-job.php file
        - sidebar-single-resume.php file
        - sidebar-single-company.php file

Ver. 1.5.4 – 17.09.2021

        - **Redesigned UI for Job Applications
        - **Full compatibility with "Go Fetch Jobs" plugin
        - **User Packages shortcode [cariera_user_packages] 
        - User packages in the dashboard and extra header menu
        - Default WPJM company handling when Cariera Company integration has been disabled
        - Usage of WPJM native companies when Cariera Company integration has been disabled
        - Option to enable/disable user role switch/setting for "My Profile" page
        - Option to hide username on register form and generate it from email
        - "Resume Language" array output support (in case field has been changed to multiselect via custom code or Field Editor)
        - Geolocation on "Job & Resume Tab Search" element for resume search
        - Notice on the Cariera onboarding when max_execution_time is lower than recommended
        - Filters to be able to change listing archive titles (via custom code)
        - Default user role (as fallback) when both user roles have been disabled for the cariera registration
        - Template for user account menu (header) for better customizations
        - Support for bulk delete menu items support (backend WP 5.8+)
        - Magnific Popup minified libraries

        - Overall CSS structure for better development and improved performance
        - Testimonials totally reworked (uses OOPHP now)
        - Job Applications use latest wpjm applications template handling
        - Totally rewritten job application templates and html markup
        - Rewritten Job/Resume Report functions
        - Reworked Job & Resume tab search Elementor element
        - WPJM submission checkbox template design
        - Terms and condidations job submission checkbox ui (WPJM 1.35.2)
        - License management improvements
        - Job Listing html markup
        - Related Jobs don't show filled jobs (if hide filled jobs setting is checked)
        - Search radius will perform a search query only if there is an existing location
        - Cariera Company data is handled via native WPJM filters instead of extra functions
        - Company management filters
        - Job layouts compatible with cariera company and default wpjm companies
        - Compatibility between cariera company and wpjm company
        - Lighthouse score improvements
        - General code improvements
        - Job Carousel code quality
        - Login popup handling function
        - Dashboard menu handling functions
        - Dashboard custom submenu improvements (UI & UX)
        - Totally reworked mega-menu.php
        - Compatibility with PHP 8
        - Cariera Popup handling & totally rewritten styles
        - Using WordPress coding standards (via PHPCS)
        - File sizes reduced
        - Unescaped variables (security strengthened)

        - Testimonial CPT issue with the "Uncaught ValueError: a" on certain installations
        - Resume search Elementor PHP error
        - PHP error on "cariera_job_manager_dropdown_category" function
        - PHP error on notifications when job applications have been deleted
        - Resume slider error when WPJM Resumes is not active
        - Cart popup on Cart and Checkout page
        - Account activation message typo
        - Small css issues on the listing half map pages
        - Job Board Element PHP issue when categories are disabled
        - Job Grid 1 PHP error when categories are disabled
        - Select2 overlapping sticky header and listing submission bar
        - Map zoom in/out overlapping sticky header
        - Page scrolling to top when login popup links are clicked
        - Job cover images not showing on job listings
        - Geolocate alignment issue on responsive (tablets)
        - User role selection ui issue on login page (responsive - tablets)
        - WPJM admin assets not being found error due to Cariera Company Manager
        - Single job not showing default wpjm company data when Cariera Core disabled
        - Job Grid 4 when Cariera company not enabled
        - Search radius not working on some cases
        - Job Carousel not taking the right company logo
        - Listing Reports pagination even when no listings exist
        - Login popup not showing when "Header Login/Account" option has been disabled
        - Hide menu item on mobile/responsive navigation
        - Menu handling issues with Cariera custom menu (backend)
        - Cariera popups not working when 3rd-party Elementor addons are installed

        - Core plugins
        - Language .POT files

Ver. 1.5.3 – 03.06.2021

        - *New built-in Metaboxes for pages, posts, testimonials (no need for third party plugin "Meta box" anymore)
        - *New Job Grid 4 layout
        - *Full compatibility with new LinkedIn for WPJM plugin
        - LinkedIn for WPJM in the "Cariera -> Addons" page
        - "cariera_registration_users_attachment" filter to be able to add attachments on "welcome emails" via custom code
        - Filters to change header cta text easier programmatically
        - Dashboard - Active packages number indicator
        - Company Cover image submission field
        - "Instagram" on company submission and single company page
        - "Phone number" field in "My Profile" form
        - New User "Phone number" data in the webhook support
        - "Categories" filter on the "Resumes" Elementor widget
        - "Featured" filter on the "Company Board" Elementor widget
        - "Categories" filter on the "Company Board" Elementor widget

        - General meta data values and handlings
        - Theme's core email system
        - Cariera Company template security
        - Reworked footer html markup structure
        - Footer overall CSS styling
        - Single Job sharing functionality
        - "Related Jobs" template
        - Single job template functions
        - Company social media open in a new tab
        - General Dashboard Template code base
        - Small Dashboard UI Improvements
        - Job/Resume/Company header/cover image handling
        - Company submission fields
        - My profile editing functionality & UI
        - Cariera_WPJM_Maps functions
        - Listing archive pages
        - Blog post styles and functions
        - General code cleanup
        - General file structure
        - Code quality on all files

        - Crons not getting initialized on multisite
        - Company search - Use standard WordPress search to fix issue with MySQL 8.
        - Related jobs "centering" when only 1 job is available/related
        - Map not showing on job/resume/company archives when map provider is not google maps
        - VKontakte Social Login button color for WP Social Login plugin
        - Job type field showing in the alert form despite being disabled
        - Single Company access denied UI
        - PHP error when "Job Types" have been disabled
        - PHP errors to elementor elements

        - Resume templates
        - Update Core Plugins

        - "Meta Box" plugin dependency (this can now be removed)
        - "Metabox" plugin handling code/files to generate metaboxes
        - Job "metabox" cover image handling
        - "Mailchimp for WP" plugin dependency (still supported)
        - Unnecessary old code

Ver. – 03.05.2021

        - "Select Package" translation

        - Update Core Plugins

Ver. – 23.04.2021

        - Extra header menu items when header Transparent
        - Small CSS issues
        - Small PHP Error

Ver. 1.5.2 – 20.04.2021

        - *** Notifications: Expanded & Improved
        - Notifications: Seperate settings tab
        - Notifications: Options to disable "single action" notifications
        - *** Notifications: Options to send Webhooks
        - *** Notifications: Webhook integration with 3rd party tools like Zapier (for notification services such as sms, emails etc)
        - *** Community chosen feature: Redesigned listing submission actions UI
        - "Checkout" step to submission flow for jobs & resumes (if paid listings are activated)
        - *New UI for upload fields on submission pages
        - Custom Scrollbar handling
        - Counter number for Pending user in "WP Dashboard -> Users" 
        - Pending resumes can now be edited in the candidated dashbard
        - "Custom class" field for various elementor widgets (9 elements)
        - Clarification description for Login/Register Form (Elementor widget)
        - Additional restrictions when theme is not activated
        - Templating system for Cariera Core plugin to provide better customization flexibility
        - UI Interaction when license gets activated/deactivated
        - Fieldset-type class on company submission fields
        - Map markers autofit option (on by default)
        - Tiktok option for footer social media

        - Performance improvements
        - Strengthened theme security
        - Core settings page functionality
        - Licensing system
        - Reworked "dynamic colors", now are handled via CSS variables
        - Totally reworked dashboard functions
        - "Dashboard" and "My Account" shortcode content pulled from core templates now
        - "Login & Register form" shortcode content pulled from core templates
        - "Listing promotions" get pulled from core templates
        - User roles (admin, candidate, employer) in the dashboard are now translatable
        - Job quick view improvements
        - Search loader UI on homepage keyword search
        - Theme assets requirement
        - Theme assets caching to ease cached assets from update to update
        - Functions on first time theme activation
        - WooCommerce function handling
        - Listing map popup UI
        - WPJM Packages: Packages UI on popup
        - Candidate CF7 handling
        - Overall CSS styles

        - Marker popups close when clicked on mobile
        - Job Listing Schema not being added on single job page (for Google Rich Results support)
        - Listing loader on half map pages
        - Candidate dashboard small errors
        - Login & Register reCaptcha resets if submission is not valid (to allow user to try again instead of reloading the page)
        - "Dashboard" link not working sometimes on "Login & Register Page Template" when logged in
        - Job List version 5 logo width
        - Job Submission form going out of the view on 1000-1250px width screens
        - Company selection going out of the submission form on responsive
        - Visibility on single resume when access is denied
        - Visibility for "Contact packages" via WPJM Packages
        - Cariera WC CSS styles get not enqueued sometimes due to third party plugins

        - Core plugins
        - Fontawesome 5.13.0 to 5.15.3

        - mCustomScrollbar JS library
        - enqueue.php
        - extra.php
        - dynamic-css + 350 lines of inline dynamic CSS
        - Unused CSS and JS

Ver. 1.5.1 – 15.03.2021

        - Login & Register form Elementor Element
        - Product's "Short description" added to Promotional Packages
        - Map Provider "None" option to not initialize or include any map scripts
        - Google Maps are now handled with Leaflet
        - New preloader, which will be on by default
        - Delete company listing when user account gets deleted
        - Notification when a listing status changes from "pending_payment" to "pending" 
        - Notification when a listing status changes from "pending_payment" to "published" 
        - Notification when a listing gets relisted

        - *** MAJOR Performance improvements
        - *** DYNAMIC ASSETS LOADING using latest technologies | on-demand loading, assets will be loaded only when needed
        - Onboarding when installing the theme first time
        - Plugin installation management
        - Demo importer
        - Overall theme security
        - Totally rewritten map functions & using lazy loading method
        - Map popup UI
        - Moved Isotope functions for job/resume/company out of the search scripts
        - Compatibility improvements for Cariera listing templates with WPJM S&F
        - Rewritten the whole header css
        - Reworked sticky header to use a custom method instead of external jquery library
        - Totally reworked Countdown elementor element
        - Replaces deprecated jQuery functions with latest up-to-date jQuery functions
        - Dashboard scripts and styles load only on the dashboard pages
        - Custom Cariera avatar handling
        - Success/Error notification UI for various pages and actions
        - Small UX improvement to the new company submission email
        - Redesigned Blog comments
        - Some JS functions have been moved to the core plugin to support lazy loading
        - Job quick preview functionality
        - Top header moved to a separate template
        - Template security strengthened
        - Denqueued WPJM styles to reduce download requests
        - Single Job Category background issues when 2 taxonomies have the same job and both have a background image

        - Login & Register styling outside of the popup
        - geocomplete js error in the backend when Google Maps is the main map provider
        - Cariera Notification PHP error fixed
        - Company submission label escaping issue
        - Settings page wrong shortcode in the description for [cariera_my_account]
        - Job Listing loader out of the page container on some pages
        - Some Elementor elements not initializing the elements scripts
        - Select2 overlapping select when loggedin as admin
        - Dashboard menu being cut on small screen devices (now scrollable)
        - Blog posts not showing the right user avatar
        - Company Board hide filter option
        - Bugs on leaflet maps
        - In-site Notification text localization
        - WPJM Regions causing js errors when activated
        - Notifications "mark as read" removing "cart count" in header
        - Job Alerts table not showing saved categories & tags
        - Menu badge issue on the parent menu item

        - Bootstrap 4.4.1 to 4.6.0
        - job-dashboard to use latest WPJM template

        - Native Google Map functions (uses leaflet now)
        - jQuery headroom library
        - Old countdown library

Ver. 1.5.0 – 08.02.2021

        - *** TOTAL REFACTORED assets - CSS & JS (all assets will be shipped minified from now on)
        - *** USER IN-SITE NOTIFICATIONS (listing status, applications, promotions)
        - Enable/disable User Notifications option
        - *** PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE (to make a job, resume, company featured)
        - Enable/disable options for Listing Promotion Email
        - Enable/disable options for Listing Promotion Expired Email
        - Custom cron schedules for database cleaning
        - Disable additional font icon library option (via main theme settings)
        - Custom Job Template support for "S&F for WPJM" 
        - Custom Resume Template support for "S&F for WPJM" 
        - Full support for the new "WPJM Resume Alerts" plugin by sMyles
        - Options to choose job layout for taxonomy pages (in customizer)
        - Options to choose resume layout for taxonomy pages (in customizer)
        - Options to change the header CTA link (main settings)
        - User details to the admin "new user" email notification
        - Featured icon on the listings marker in the map to stand out
        - Companies: Sort by featured (also default now)
        - WooCommerce loading animation on product add to cart
        - VK & Telegram to the footer social media options
        - Feature resume mark in candidate dashboard
        - css class to job_application msg for better customization flexibility
        - Autohub (new theme) to the welcome page

        - Company Search and listing system
        - Main Template management
        - Header extra is loaded from a seperated template now
        - WooCommerce products "add to cart" 
        - Cariera_Resume_Extender methods
        - Featured listings handling
        - Company contact is now added via template for better flexibility
        - Pingback url auto-discovery header via function for latest WordPress standards
        - Deleted old and unused css for jobs/resumes
        - Reworked all the listings styles
        - Overall Job Alerts
        - Job Alerts shows only for admin and canidate on the dashboard now
        - Leaflet uses local files now
        - Gmaps & leaflet js files
        - Gmaps Infobox animation
        - Small UI Improvements
        - small design tweaks for Job List 3
        - Elementor Cariera Button Element

        - PHP notice when resume expires and email has to be send
        - PHP error for the "Company Dashboard" in header - extra user menu
        - Cart header button being clickable on cart and checkout page
        - Header cart AJAX reload issue
        - PHP notice on import
        - WC creating pages and duplicating the shop pages on import
        - Outputting comma on empty shortcode attr on Job Board Elementor element
        - Small dashboard UI issue
        - Preloader zoom effect issue
        - PHP error with Blog Slider Layout 2 when post has no category
        - Job, Company, Resume loader being overlapped by the footer
        - Leaflet map overlapping menu on hover
        - select2 overlapping UI issue
        - "Featured" badge for Job list 3,4 is now translatable
        - "Featured" badge for Job Grid 1,2 is now translatable

        - Least suggested PHP Version now to 7.2
        - Job Alert templates
        - Header Quick Search is turned off by default
        - Leaflet libraries to the latest version
        - POT Files

All changes on the previous versions can be found in the readme.txt in the theme folder.

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