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Doctor Practice Management System v2.3 – If you are need for Php script or web based application. then you can locate it here happening the best php script for your thing or you can use it for layer your programming skill. were to be used in a web application, it would writing a script, then it is important to know craving to be written by a php developer. In this php application you can learn and easy to use nearly doctor,hospital,medical,medicine,patient,practice. Php script thaht will support you to write a website behind your own code. So, what is Doctor Practice Management System v2.3 ? You can can download and attempt it through button bellow.

Script DemoDownload Script

App Login

URL : Demo Admin

Login for Super Admin:
Username : admin
Password : 111111

Login for Doctor:
Username : adil
Password : 111111

Login for Patient:
You can login as doctor and create a patient to test patient panel

Login for Assistant:
You can login as doctor and create an assistant to test patient panel

For installation you can follow this document, including three simple steps to installation:


= v2.4 (15 Sept 2021) =

Update codeigniter version
Make the project compatible to PHP 7
Resolved few bugs
Added new installation process
Improved complete codebase

= v2.3 (24 April 2018) =

Version 2.3 Released
Resolved htaccess issue
Updated installer functions
Removed minor bugs

= v2.1 (10 March 2017) =

Version 2.1 Released
Added single doctor feature, now admin can enable either multidoctor with their individual patient or single doctor with all common patient (more usable for hospitals)
Added AJAX datatable on patient list page
Custom fields added in patient export CSV
Bulk patient import from excel added
Admin can manage which sections to be displayed to doctors after login
New financial report added in reports section
Admin can manage date format site wide

= v2.0 (10 Feb 2017) =

Version 2 Released
Removed bugs
Added email feature for patient and doctor on appointment
Patient registration feature added
Doctor's name added in email subjects
Procedure added in invoice
Balance amount added in payment section
Image insert option added in Notes section
Database backup and restore feature added

= v1.0 (17 Dec 2015) =

Initial Version Released

Script DemoDownload Script

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