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Droppy – Online file transfer and sharing – If you are looking for Php script or web based application. then you can find it here taking place the best php script for your thing or you can use it for layer your programming skill. were to be used in a web application, it would writing a script, next it is important to know obsession to be written by a php developer. In this php application you can learn and simple to use virtually amazon,download,email,encrypt,file,ftp,php,s3,send,share,sharing,transfer,upload,wasabi,wetransfer. Php script thaht will incite you to write a website past your own code. So, what is Droppy – Online file transfer and sharing ? You can can download and attempt it through button bellow.

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Droppy - Online file transfer and sharing - 1

DroppyDroppy - Online file transfer and sharing - 2

More info about Droppy can be found on https://droppy.proxibolt.com.

All features

  • Support for multiple files
  • Support for multiple recipients
  • Drag & Drop support
  • Share files using email
  • Share files using a link
  • Automatic file destruction after a specified time or amount of downloads
  • Password protect an upload
  • File encryption
  • Chunked file uploads
  • Automatic upload resume on connection loss
  • Option to specify default upload recipients
  • User accounts
  • Require login for upload and/or download page
  • Fullscreen backgrounds (image / video)
  • Space for 2 different Adsense ads
  • Fully translatable and support for multiple languages
  • Built in contact form
  • Terms and about pages
  • Admin panel
  • Upload and download statistics
  • Change site settings
  • Manage all uploads and downloads
  • Manage all email templates
  • Manage all backgrounds
  • Manage users
  • Manage upload settings (max files, max size, expiration time, blocked file types etc.)
  • Set custom analytics code
  • 4 different themes included
  • Update entire application with 1-click
  • (optional) S3 support using the S3 add-on for Droppy
  • (optional) FTP support using the FTP add-on for Droppy
  • (optional) Subscription support using the Premium subscription add-on for Droppy

Droppy is a self hosted online file transfer and sharing platform that can be used to share multiple files among friends, family and colleagues. The files can be sent by email or an url that can be shared with everyone you would like to.
More info at https://droppy.proxibolt.com


V2.3.8 (7 November, 2021)
- Added option to add custom pages and tabs
- Added expiration date to admin uploads page
- Added recaptcha to normal user login
- Improved loading of animated icons

V2.3.7 (2 October, 2021)
- Fixed issue where incorrect file sizes were shown on the download page
- Fixed issue where removing file from upload selection would cause the total to reset to 0
- Fixed tab window size issue on ipad
- Fixed logging issue
- Added extra margin to captcha on contact form
- Updated French and German translation files
- Removed "Powered by Droppy" from admin page

V2.3.6 (19 September, 2021)
- (Modern theme) Added translation for connection issue popup
- (Modern theme) Added translation for "no expire" option
- (Modern theme) Added option to specify multiple default recipients in "Default recipients" input and added email select dropdown to upload form
- (Modern theme) Added option to hide "Share type" option from upload form
- (Modern theme) Added option to hide "Destruction" option from upload form
- (Modern theme) Added option to specify default expiration time
- (Modern theme) Fixed possible auto-fill issues on password input
- (Modern theme) Fix expiration date being shown on download page when upload expiration is disabled
- Fixed JS error in admin panel
- Fixed destruction email not being sent immediately when the upload is marked as inactive

V2.3.5 (2 September, 2021)
- Added upload expiration option to upload form
- Added dark mode toggle to admin panel
- Added missing "My account" page to admin panel
- Fixed issue where download link in sender email would not work
- Fixed issue in admin panel where clicking on the logo would not bring you back to the admin home page
- Fixed styling of email settings page in the admin panel
- Fixed infinte reloading issue on system page
- Fixed issue where htaccess message was incorrectly showing
- Moved upload settings to separate page in the admin panel

V2.3.4 (31 August, 2021)
- Redesigned admin panel
- Added recaptcha to admin panel login
- Added debugging mode
- (Modern theme) Added automatic upload resume on network failure
- (Modern theme) Fixed issue with error message and help message showing at the same time
- (Modern theme) Advanced upload options will now open faster
- (Modern them) Small mobile improvements

V2.3.3 (21 August, 2021)
- Added changes for upcoming premium add-on update V2.0.10
- Small database performance improvements to upload handler
- Improved session handling
- (Modern theme) Fixed some small styling issues on mobile
- (Modern theme) Fixed some inconsistency issues with the help info popups
- (Modern theme) Fixed issue where user login page wasn't shown properly on mobile
- (Modern theme) Fixed issue with closing tab window on download page
- (Modern theme) Fixed issue where it wasn't possible to switch language on the download page
- (Modern theme) Added extra font smoothing and backup fonts
- (Modern theme) Language selection will now be blocked while uploading
- (Modern theme) Fixed language selection not working on download page
- Fixed issue where upload wouldn't work properly when there were no blocked file types specified
- Redesigned installation page

V2.3.2 (18 August, 2021)
- Added extra security checks to check if the application/.htaccess file exists.
- (Modern theme) Fixed issue where incorrect download password didn't show error message.
- (Modern theme) Fixed upload form height issues on mobile devices
- (Modern theme) Fixed missing line-breaks in download message and made the message scrollable
- (Modern theme) Fixed upload percentage not always showing immediately
- (Modern theme) Fixed auto-fill issue on email to field
- (Modern theme) Added total files left indicator
- (Modern theme) Added small border to tab window
- Added option to specify the upload ID length
- Added option to auto-fill sender email on next site visit

V2.3.1 (11 August, 2021)
- Improved uploading of large selection of files (100+)
- Added ability to specify email button color for each theme
- (Modern theme) Added logout buttons to modern theme
- (Modern theme) Added option to specify different theme colors (can be found on the themes page)
- (Modern theme) Fixed text sizing issue on Safari
- (Modern theme) Added help popups to upload option section

V2.3.0 (6 August, 2021)
- Added option to disable IP logging
- Changes for Premium add-on V2.0.9
- Fixed issue where default email to was not set

V2.2.9 (5 August, 2021)
- (Modern theme) Fixed issue where background was not clickable
- (Modern theme) Fixed issue where error message popup didn't disappear
- (Modern theme) Fixed issue where upload box corners weren't always round
- (Modern theme) Improved recipient adding process
- (Modern theme) Improved calculation of file sizes and progress size indication
- (Modern theme) Prevent auto-zoom on mobile
- Added extra database connection checks to the installation
- Updated german translation file
- Updated turkish translation file
- Small code improvements

V2.2.8 (31 July, 2021)
- Fixed issue with background transition not being smooth
- Fixed issue where missing mobile-header.php error was shown

V2.2.7 (30 July, 2021)
- Fixed issue in modern theme where contact form was still shown when disabled
- Fixed issue where default share type wasn't working

V2.2.6 (30 July, 2021)
- Added a complete new modern theme
- General bug fixes

V2.2.5 (17 July, 2021)
- Fixed invalid email error message
- Fixed missing asset in installation
- Fixed small issues with plugin pages
- Fixed custom upload directory feature
- Fixed issue where upload password was being autocompleted by the browser
- Fixed issue where download email was being sent when the admin or uploader downloads a file
- Fixed issue where Invalid email error was thrown when the email input field was empty but the recipient list wasn't

V2.2.4 (22 June, 2021)
- Fixed missing jquery file since update 2.2.3

V2.2.3 (21 June, 2021)
- Fixed issue where email fields weren't verified
- Fixed issue where "Okay" button was disabled on password protected uploads
- Minor changes for the premium add-on

V2.2.2 (12 May, 2021)
- Fixed issue with autofill of user email
- Added turkish translation

V2.2.1 (09 May, 2021)
- Fixed some installation issues
- Updated some libraries for the mobile version

V2.2.0 (07 May, 2021)
- Updated core framework
- Updated dependencies
- Small code improvements

V2.1.9 (10 July, 2019)
- Added option to define maximum upload chunk size in the admin panel
- Fixed an issue where downloads were corrupted

V2.1.8 (10 July, 2019)
- Fixed an issue where upload password field was locked for premium users
- Fixed an issue where the direct open link wouldn't open the right modal on the mobile version
- Fixed an issue with the favicon file not loading on download page.

Full changelog can be found over here

Script DemoDownload Script

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