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Ekushey Project Manager CRM – If you are need for Php script or web based application. subsequently you can locate it here going on the best php script for your event or you can use it for mass your programming skill. were to be used in a web application, it would writing a script, next it is important to know compulsion to be written by a php developer. In this php application you can learn and simple to use more or less business management,client invoicing,client manager,crm,customer manager,freelance,paypal,project management,project timer,staff management,support ticket,task management,user management. Php script thaht will back you to write a website taking into consideration your own code. So, what is Ekushey Project Manager CRM ? You can can download and attempt it through button bellow.

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Update History

Version 5.0 – 1 September, 2020

- Installer updated.
- Addon system introduced.
- Payment processing layout updated for project payment taking from client.
- Minor bug fix and performance upgrade.

Version 4.3 – December, 2019

- User interface updated

version 4.0 – April 2019

- Major user interface and user experience upgrade

version 3.1 – 03 July, 2018

- Fixes issues where previously email sending was failing
- Fixes issues where previously PayPal object deprecation was noticed
- Addition of Paypal payment using javascript
- Addition of Stripe payment using javascript
- Bug fixes
- Performance improvements

version 3.0 – 20 November, 2017

- Performance improvements

version 2.8 – 27 September, 2017

- [fix] password reset issues
- [fix] issues where navigation sidebar was failing to minimize
- [new] automated installer module
- minor bug fixes
- performance improvements

version 2.7 – 27 July, 2017

- added Updater module for updating the application without loosing any previous data
- fixes issues for strict sql mode
- fixes issues for changing passwords
- fixes currency choosing issues
- fixes issues in mail sending operations
- added monthly project report where admin can see the payments for projects of the running month
- minor bug fixes
- performance improvements

version 2.6 – 21 March, 2017

- project dashboard is made default page for any project
- fixes a bug where staffs not assigned to a certain project could be attached to that project task
- project dashboard will now show the expenses of a project
- project milestones will now show amount in the milestone table
- fixes a bug where project bugs could not be added without image
- fixes a bug where project bug files could not be deleted
- fixes currency symbol issue in project payments
-  fixes currency symbol issue in project expense
- minor bug fixes 
- performance improvements

version 2.5 – 22 February, 2017

- Fix regarding form validation for client, admin and staff creation and editing
- Fixed input types for ‘password’ and ‘amount’ fields across necessary forms
- Excel, pdf and print generation fixes for data tables in admin and staff panel
- Fixed redirection in project room page
- Fixed a bug where certain button icons and text editor icons were not appearing
- Major fix regarding file upload in project room
- Fixed layout issues in team task details, note and system settings pages
- Currency symbols added in these lists : project room > payment, project room > expense, accounting > client payment, accounting > expense, all reports
- Fixed recipient selection in new private message page
- Minor other bug fixes
- Performance improvements

version 2.4 – 09 February, 2017

- Project room ‘Dashboard’ now available that summarises the whole project conveniently in a single page
- Paypal type removed from system settings as the default paypal type is now in live mode
- Fix regarding file upload from project room
- Minor other bug fixes

version 2.3.1 – 30 August,2016

- Fixes an issue where users were having problems creating new clients/staffs/admins

version 2.3 – 14 August,2016

- Fixes an issue of wrong response while adding expense category from staff panel
- Ability to assign staff while adding a bug/issue in project room
- Project room 'overview' now shows the total amount of the project along with paid amount and project expense
- Canned reply responses in support ticket reply
- Minor bug fixes

version 2.2 (May 30, 2016)

- Optional settings for PayPal sandbox
- Custom SMTP settings
- Project Quote sending from outside the system without signing up
- Performance improvements
- Bug fixes

version 2.1 (March 25, 2016)

- Safari on el capitan issue fix
- Scrolling stability fix
- Message texts unicode formatted
- Duplicate named file upload replacing issue fix
- Modal title to be changed from system settings
- Ajax login providing csrf protection
- Ui fixes where needed (some designs are altered due to change in bootstrap css and js)
- Project quote updated, discussion between client and admin
- Datatable is implemented in file browsing within a project for better experience
- Project expense can be managed from project room
- Project bugs can be tracked from project room
- Multiple colour theming option

version 2.0 ( July 15, 2015)

- updated to codeigniter 3.0
- redesigned dashboard
- redesigend navigation menus
- new right sidebar
- ability to manage todo from right sidebar
- calculator in right sidebar
- redesigned client profile interface
- ability to add company and associated person 
- ability to add multiple admins
- ability to make an admin owner
- client projects and team projects are separated
- projectroom for each client project
- multiple file upload in projects via dropzone
- dropbox file uploader
- save file to dropbox
- ability to add task to staffs in a project
- project task with calendar view with color marking
- redesigned project calendar for each project
- redesigned project timer
- timesheet history record for project timer
- ability to add milestones to projects
- ability to take payment separately for each milestone in each project
- ability to take manual payment form client 
- stripe payment integration for client
- notes section in projectroom
- ability to manage team tasks
- ability to separate running and archived team tasks
- ability to assign team tasks to different staffs
- new event calendar for admin
- ability add event to event calendar on day click
- ability to edit events in calendar on event click
- ajax based notes section for each user
- ability to monitor client payments at a time in accounting section
- ability to add expenses
- ability to add expense categories
- expense reports
- income expense comparison for any date range
- integration of stripe payment
- currency settings, paypal, stripe settings are separated in a new menu
- ability to change system logo
- ability to search throughout the whole system
- ability to view payment histories for clients 
- video tutorials added for easy usage of various features
- note saving bug fix
- project timer bug fix
- file upload during ticket creating bug fix
- site meta description fix
- paypal currency fix

version 1.1

- Support ticket file attachment feature created. 
- Create ticket from system admin account for any client.
- Own account user profile image upload option available now.
- Client can register new account from public link. 
- Admin needs to approve those pending client account opening.
- Project quote submission for clients to admin
- Admin can review / archive project quotes and create project from quotes
- Calendar schedule for project tasks
- Send invoice to client from admin
- Invoice print / send button at top of invoice
- Highlight company in client listing
- 2 new color theme now available : Dark & Light
- Language saving issue fixed during logging time.
- Account opening email notification sending fixed.
- New message email notification sending fixed.
- Ticket delete reloading issue fixed.
- Email typing in forget password page with second dot after '@' sign issue fixed.
- Miscellaneous issues fixed.

version 1.0

- Initial release. 


  • Apache server for running php
  • Php curl should be enabled
  • Php mail function of server should work properly
  • One purchase code is legal for using one domain only

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