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Flipping Cards 3D – WordPress – habit put up to when WordPress? or you are looking for wordpress plugin for cards 3D,click hover events,CSS 3d,flip cards 3D,flip cards WordPress,flipping cards,multiple effects,rotation 3D,wordpress. attempt these basic CSS code examples to start with, then apply them to your own web pages. in imitation of you’ve started dabbling in HTML, you’ll probably be curious in totaling more visual punch to your web pages. WordPress is the best pretension to accomplish that. CSS lets you apply changes across your entire page without relying on inline styling.

Here are several easy Worpress plugins examples to put-on you how to create some basic styling changes upon your web page, Flipping Cards 3D – WordPress. You can download this css script through button below.

Script DemoDownload Script

Flipping Cards 3D - WordPress - 1

Flipping Cards 3D – WordPress

  • Colection of Flips and Effects of cards using CSS 3D and jQuery.
  • Easy to implement with your WordPress.
  • Works in all modern browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox).
  • IE fallback of fade effect.

Add a Flipping card to your posts or pages with this shortcode:


Note: If you would like to know how I configure the admin page and customize the flipping cards in the live preview, contact me via email and I will show you all I did.

You can edit a single Flipping Card by passing parameters, these are all the parameters available:

[flippingCard direction="right" type="over" float="left" margin="0 10px 10px 0" 
width="300px" height="300px" border="1px solid gray" borderradius="10px" 
background="white" padding="20px" textalign="center" ratio="1:2"]

Change Log

----> Update: March 19, 2021
Fixed compatibility issues with latest versions of jQuery
Updated the components

----> Update: December 13, 2018 
Now compatible with WP 5

----> Update: Jul 3, 2014 
Fixed some issues with Firefox v30

----> Update: Feb 26, 2014 
Now you can specify the ratio in the shortcode like this: ratio="1:2" 

----> Update: Dec 17, 2013 
Fixed some issues with some themes that were putting the images upside down

----> Update: Nov 19, 2013 
Now the fallback is compatible with IE 11

----> Update: October 10, 2013 
Fixed some issues with the fallback with some themes!

----> Update: October 6, 2013 
Fixed some issues when you hover over a flipping card when the page is loading

----> Update: August 6, 2013 (replace CSS file)
Fix some issues with the 3D effect on Firefox

----> Update: July 26, 2013
Fixed some console errors on IE

----> Update: May 21, 2013
Fixed some sticking issues in firefox for the over flipping cards

----> BIG Update: May 8, 2013 
Auto Flip Effect is now available, you can set the time until a card will flip 
automatically, also you can set the time when the card will start 
doing the autoflips. (you can see it in the live preview)
NOTE: when you do a mouseover on an auto flipping card it will not flip as long 
as you have the mouse over the card

----> Update: April 28, 2013 
Now is compatible with jQuery 1.9.1

----> Update: April 10, 2013 
Fixed some IE issues

----> Update: March 20, 2013
Add also a fallback of a fade effect for browsers that not support CSS3D like old versions of Chrome and Firefox.  

----> Update: Feb 28, 2013
Add a feature that allow you to add third-party shortcodes inside the flipping card 

Configuration: here

Script DemoDownload Script

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