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Gmail Reporting tool – Learn how to create a Gmail Reporting tool using Javascript. This simple application can be used in any system that needed a login verification. Javascript is a web and mobile working system developed to built web and mobile application. It used in several gadgets similar to smartphones, tablets, and even television. Javascript is gate source to developers who has an immersion in developing website or mobile apps. It with provides an adaptive framework that allows the developer to build apps in a simpler way. In this iOS application source code you will learn more or less bulk emailing,gmail,inbox,mailing,marketing,not spam,promotion,reporting,spam.

Choose from over 1,200 Javascript app templates. Explore items created by our global community of independent developers, confident they’re hand-reviewed by us. Please download Gmail Reporting tool source code project through link below.

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Gmail reporting tool

Gmail Reporting tool is the only tool you need to automate any task related to email marketing purposes

Gmail Reporting tool is easy to use since it was developed for mailers by a mailer and as an extension for google chrome, Brave, Edge, Firefox, and other similar browsers which makes it much more effective, and it’s very easy to use since it uses a real browser,

Important: If you find any errors, please leave me a comment or contact me.

List of available Bots

Open Multiple Gmail account tabs at the same time

have the Google Chrome / Brave / Edge / Firefox installed
Minimum 1 GB of RAM
minimum 2 CPU cores

Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS Query (If you need to change some features or you can contact me)

Included functions

Multiple Accounts at once
Fixed tasks and random tasks
Progress Tracking
You can open multiple links at the same time
Click on any item, image link, etc.
Fully configurable
Open links in other tabs
Customized search queries
Handle spam, inbox, and promotion folders sequentially.
Use search Queries for specific targeted emails…
Random tasks or programmed ones, continuously or randomly.

Please watch the preview video for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

does it include the source code?
Yes, it is sold with the code to make it easier for you to add and customize it as you wish both style and all functions.

There are other bots that do the same and are cheaper!

I don’t think there’s a bot that does anything like that, If you know one and it’s cheaper, I promise to sell it to you for lower than half its price, This bot deals with a very narrow and specific use case which probably only email marketers will need it.

Are you pretending to be human?
You can move the scroll up and down You can control the mouse cursor to do any task manually in parallel with the bot which acts on behalf of the human.

Can I search for keywords in search queries?
Yes, you can search for anything in any mail folder using search queries and the bot will be in charge of the rest

Does Google detect it as a bot?
No, it cannot be detected as a bot, as it uses the same Chrome browser, it is very difficult to be detected as a Bot and it is more effective if you use it in multiple RDPs

Is it really an undetectable bot?
The bot itself is undetectable, as it acts like a normal user of the Gmail web application.

Important for buyers!
Feel free to ask any questions, please allow me some time (maximum 3 business days) to answer any questions

Script DemoDownload Script

bulk emailing,gmail,inbox,mailing,marketing,not spam,promotion,reporting,spam

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