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Ionic 4.8 online class booking app template – Most web developers suffer to provide something unique and light to users later than developing a product or application. It is crucial to follow such practices and build a product that users will find to be creative and innovative. This is because users will be more drawn to such products, which will urge on you construct web apps nearly online class booking,session booking,teacher student.

You must next put in extra efforts to ensure that your web app is convenient to use and budget-friendly. Developing a web app by keeping track of all the above-mentioned factors may seem challenging. This is why you should rule using these popular web application templates bearing in mind Ionic 4.8 online class booking app template

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Ionic 4.8 online class booking app template

Demo APK

It is app template which is used to create app for online class booking.
Discover the easiest way to schedule classes with the best class scheduling. All-in-one class booking software to help deliver better sessions with 24×7 online class scheduling, payments, class rosters and many more.

List of screen included

1) Signup, login and forgot password screen

2) Home screen

3) Filter screen

4) Booking screen

5) Chat screen

6) Class detail screen

7) User profile screen

8 ) Upload photo with camera or gallery

9) About us,contact us and terms and condition screen

10) Chat conversation screen

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Script DemoDownload Script

online class booking,session booking,teacher student

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