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ITNOW-Warranty & Inventory Tracking System – Learn how to make a ITNOW-Warranty & Inventory Tracking System using Php. This easy application can be used in any system that needed a login verification. Php is a web in force system developed to build website application. It used in several gadgets similar to smartphones, tablets, and even television. Php is open source to developers who has an interest in developing mobile apps. It as well as provides an adaptive framework that allows the developer to produce apps in a simpler way. In this Php application source code you will learn approximately computer,creative,HRM,inventory,it,itnow,product,product management,project management,tech,technology,warranty.

Choose from over 2,200 Php app templates. Explore items created by our global community of independent developers, confident they’re hand-reviewed by us. Please download ITNOW-Warranty & Inventory Tracking System source code project through link below.

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ITNOW is a clean and delightful web application, which can track IT product warranty and inventory.. This application was build with advanced modules and many more powerful features for an IT section management. Furthermore, it also supports CSS3, HTML5 and Bootstrap 3 Framework that help use refined any device with semantic accuracy and highly customizable PHP based (CodeIgniter) application.

Let’s experience ITNOW and use this application now!!

Username: admin
Password: 123456

Readonly User
Username: user
Password: 123456

ITNOW-Warranty & Inventory Tracking System - 1

ITNOW-Warranty & Inventory Tracking System - 2

Software Architecture Features

  • Eye Catching Design.
  • Responsive Layout
  • Cloud Based Application
  • Cost Efficient Application
  • Secured Database
  • Export report as PDF, CSV and Copy to Clipboard
  • Full-rest API Based Architecture

Application’s features

Powerful Dashboard

  • Real-time Warranty & Inventory Status
  • Warranty Warning with Remaining Days
  • Expired Items Warranty Summery
  • Server & PC’s Warranty Warning Status
  • No. of Access Stored in System

User Experience

  • Ajax Login
  • Sweet Notification
  • Single Click Copy/Duplicate any Entity
  • Instant Search Result
  • Easy Data Shorting System
  • Item Track by Tag/Serial No.

Server & PC

  • Add, Edit, Delete PC/Server Information
  • Details View
  • Entry by Types
  • Report as PDF, CSV and Copy to Clipboard


  • Add, Edit, Delete Devices Information
  • Details View
  • Category Management
  • Entry by Category
  • Report as PDF, CSV and Copy to Clipboard


  • Add, Edit, Delete Accessories Information
  • Details View
  • Report as PDF, CSV and Copy to Clipboard

IP Address

  • Add, Edit, Delete IP Address Information
  • Details View
  • Report as PDF, CSV and Copy to Clipboard


  • Add, Edit, Delete Access Information
  • Details View
  • Apps/Platform Management
  • Entry by Apps/Platform
  • Report as PDF, CSV and Copy to Clipboard

Help & Support

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Source & Credit

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20 December 2018

Fixed* minor bug
Update*  to CodeIgniter 3.1.9

27 july 2018

Fixed* import from excel issue
Fixed* installation issue
Fixed* minor bugs

15 September 2017

*initial release

Script DemoDownload Script

computer,creative,HRM,inventory,it,itnow,product,product management,project management,tech,technology,warranty

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