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Media Grid – WordPress Bundle Pack – need help like WordPress? or you are looking for wordpress plugin for audio,comments,filter,gallery,image,pagination,photo,responsive grid,showcase,slider,Spotify,video,visual builder,woocommerce,wordpress portfolio. attempt these basic CSS code examples to start with, next apply them to your own web pages. subsequent to you’ve started dabbling in HTML, you’ll probably be avid in adding up more visual punch to your web pages. WordPress is the best mannerism to attain that. CSS lets you apply changes across your entire page without relying upon inline styling.

Here are several simple Worpress plugins examples to proceed you how to make some basic styling changes on your web page, Media Grid – WordPress Bundle Pack. You can download this css script through button below.

Script DemoDownload Script

Media Grid - WordPress Bundle Pack - 1Media Grid - WordPress Bundle Pack - 2Media Grid - WordPress Bundle Pack - 3Media Grid - WordPress Bundle Pack - 4Media Grid - WordPress Bundle Pack - 5Media Grid - WordPress Bundle Pack - 6Media Grid - WordPress Bundle Pack - 7

Media Grid - WordPress Bundle Pack - 8
Media Grid - WordPress Bundle Pack - 9
Media Grid - WordPress Bundle Pack - 10
Media Grid - WordPress Bundle Pack - 11
Media Grid - WordPress Bundle Pack - 12
Media Grid - WordPress Bundle Pack - 13

The complete Media Grid suite!

Finally you can get the most flexible WordPress Grid system without wondering which add-ons you need.

This is a special pack including Media Grid plugin and its two add-on!

Save time with a unique installation and an unified update system acting on every installed element.

Save up to 20%

This is not only a big advantage on usability side, but an opportunity to make a unique deal!

In fact, purchasing every item singularly you would spend at least 57$!.

What you get

Media Grid

    Media Grid

  • Unique, filterable and layout-free content grids
  • Visual grid builder with dynamic & mobile mode
  • Compose grids mixing posts, items and WP Media Library images
  • Full media support (image – audio – video)
  • Two lightbox modes (media or text focused)
  • Unlimited item options with retina icons
  • 1-click fast setup with 10 preset styles
  • WooCommerce integration + comments

overlay manager add-on

    Overlay Manager

  • Unlimited overlays for your grids
  • Hundreds of possible combinations
  • Item’s description with auto-shortener
  • Mouse hover behavior control
  • Fifteen presets with editable overlays
  • Use a different overlay for each grid
  • Social buttons overlay

advanced filters add-on

    Advanced Filters

  • Unlimited filters for your grids
  • 4 layouts (top – button – right and left side)
  • Single and multiple option filters
  • Numeric range filter
  • Filters summary bar
  • Advanced WooCommerce integration
  • Complete deeplinks integration

Script DemoDownload Script

audio,comments,filter,gallery,image,pagination,photo,responsive grid,showcase,slider,Spotify,video,visual builder,woocommerce,wordpress portfolio

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