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Offline Music App – Mp3 Soundboard – Learn how to create a Offline Music App – Mp3 Soundboard using Android. This easy application can be used in any system that needed a login verification. Android is a mobile full of life system developed by Android. It used in several gadgets with smartphones, tablets, and even television. Android is door source to developers who has an assimilation in developing mobile apps. It moreover provides an adaptive framework that allows the developer to develop apps in a simpler way. In this iOS application source code you will learn practically admob,listen music,mp3,music,music app,offline music,soundboard.

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With offline music application you can make different music app in a short time. No internet connection required, no server required, It works completely offline. Users can play music in the background. The application does not need to be open to play music. When playing music, the notification panel shows the song name and artist name. The user can also turn off the music at any time in the panel.



  • Works completely offline. No internet connection required.
  • Music can be played in the background. The application does not need to be open.
  • Users can fast forward the song at intervals of ten seconds.
  • The song name and artist name show displayed in the notification panel. The user can turn off the music here if he wishes.
  • Song title, artist name, song duration and cover art can be added.
  • Admob ads have been added to make money.
  • Onesignal notification service has been added. You can send notifications to your users.
  • Firebase analytic was added.
  • Includes a side menu

Reskin Ideas
This application has many reskin ideas that can be made. Here are a few sample ideas.

  • You can make music app for many different artists.
  • For movies, you can app like as xxx movie soundtracks.
  • You can make fairy tales app for children. All you need to do is add tales in * .mp3 format.


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Script DemoDownload Script

admob,listen music,mp3,music,music app,offline music,soundboard

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