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Peepmatches – The ultimate php dating and social script – If you are looking for Php script or web based application. subsequently you can find it here up the best php script for your issue or you can use it for accumulation your programming skill. were to be used in a web application, it would writing a script, then it is important to know need to be written by a php developer. In this php application you can learn and easy to use virtually advanced social netwrking platform,Badoo,chat,clean script,complete dating script,date,dating,facebook,modern social,peepmatches software,responsive social network script,social,twoo. Php script thaht will back up you to write a website next your own code. So, what is Peepmatches – The ultimate php dating and social script ? You can can download and try it through button bellow.

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peepmatches has a new idea, because it collect dating sites features with social impression .
it mean that with this software you can build your own dating site like badoo, twoo but it looks like social networking websites since we collect social networking features such as notifications, newsfeed, etc .., with dating features such as spotlight, chat and messaging system, etc….
Peepmatches has many features and you can say that it including features not included before in any dating or social scripts.

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What our customers say ?

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Check all peepmatches features below :

1- General Features

  • Smart complex between social and dating
  • Modern and clean design
  • 100% responsive and friendly for any screen and device
  • Fully Customizable
  • Light page load speed
  • Multi languages translation
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Very easy to understand ( no complex coding )

2- User front end features

Multi Function Dashboard

Peepmatches software has a powerful user dashboard / home, so your site users can follow their contacts news, manage their credits, see who is visited their profiles, and more .

Contacts News

Contacts news section is a simple newsfeed in members home.
As facebook newsfeed, users can see their contacts news and activities, such as uploading new photos or new stories, etc .

Unique users profiles

Do you bored from all others software’s profile pages, is it traditional with no change in its design ?

peepmatches comes with new profile page design and features, since it has photos slider cover with new design . also visitors can leave a guest comment at members profile .

Instant Chat

Let your site users have more communicating with our instant chat system with new look and more functions .

Messages send system

Beside instant chat, your members can send messages to others, and collecting the both chat and messages in one conversation .


with our stories plugin, site users can write their stories and contacts can read it, user’s stories shown instantly in contacts newsfeed .

Photos with photo preview facebook style

Browse photos page with ajax view more, photo control, photo info and comments count, photo download .

photo preview with stage style like facebook, with rating and comments .

Rating photos game

Like dating sites yes or no, users can rate other’s photos .

Sharing videos plugins ( NEW )

Share videos to your site from than more 150 videos websites like youtube, vimeo, facebook, metacafe …etc, by direct video url or video embed code .

Peepmatches - The ultimate php dating and social script - 10

Spotlighted members

members can add themselves to spotlight section ( Badoo and twoo style )

It can used with credits system .

Credits System

members buy credits to spend it in site activities ( site admin can control how members can spend credits and set credits packages cost via plugin settings ) .

Also, site admin can reward credits to members for new registration, daily login, etc…


Emoticons for chat, comments, profile guests comments, and all site text area . .

Admin can edit or add unlimited emoticons via Emoticons plugin’s settings .

Smart Search System

peepmatches has a complete search system, members can use 2 search options

  • search form at site header to search for every thing at the site ( like people, stories, photos ) with ajax drop down search results .
  • Full function search form in members page ( users can search for people matching with them by locations, age, online now, etc..) .

Profile Likes

Site members can like other people’s profile, since like button added to profile pages .

if someone liked someone profile he will appear at who liked me block at liked member profile page, and the software will count and collect all liked people in users dashboard in most liked people block .

Google location integration

We integrated google location for registration with google maps

Paypal Payment Gateway

Paypal payment integrated to be site payment gateway to buy credits or any future software monetizing features .

Real Time Notifications

instant notifications for contacts news likes, comments, profile guests comment, stories, etc…

User Birthday Greeting

Celebrate with your members birthdays like facebook, a celebration block will appear for the member with nice animated image with his avatar and his birthday date .

Contacts Birthdays

The software will collect users contacts birthdays before 3 days, and in the birthday day it will appear at contacts news section .

Bitcoin Payment Gateway ( NEW )

Bitcoin payment plugin will enable your users to pay for credits or premium membership by bitcoin ( Cryptocurrencies ), All you need a bitcoin wallet address to receive bitcoins from your users .

Real Time Notifications

instant notifications for contacts news likes, comments, profile guests comment, stories, etc…

User Birthday Greeting

Celebrate with your members birthdays like facebook, a celebration block will appear for the member with nice animated image with his avatar and his birthday date .

Contacts Birthdays

The software will collect users contacts birthdays before 3 days, and in the birthday day it will appear at contacts news section .

Beautiful Landing Page

The software default theme comes with very beautiful landing page for site visitors .

Adult warning page

Is your site for or has adult content and you warning your visitors before they can join, don’t worry, you can activate our smart adult warning page from admin board and it will be your landing page .

3- Admin board and backend features

Powerful Admin panel

You can control every your site inch from our powerful adminboard, by peepmatches admin board you are real the owner of this software ( no coding knowledge needed ) .

Responsive admin panel

control your site anywhere by your mobile, tablet or any device .

No coding needed

you can edit your site interface’s colors or images by our advanced theme editor .

Themes manager

Our theme management system enables you add new theme by simple upload button, remove themes and edit any themes from one place .

plugins and addons manager

Add, remove or edit any plugin settings by your admin panel to fit your site function

Members settings

Activate, delete any member or add a user to user group .

Unlimited Custom Pages

You can add unlimited custom pages, with local or external URL, with meta tags for search engine

And much more

We value your site so we put many tools to control and prepare your site .

Visit our demo site to see it in action

Demo :

Demo Login details :

username : demo / demo1 / demo2

Password : demo

Admin board demo :

Admin login username : admindemo | password :123456

Note : Admin demo has a limitation, so you can’t see changes for front end site, Also admin demo separated from userfront demo site .

Be in touch with our support docs and knowledge base Here

- Notice: the script 100% working with mysql 5.0 to 5.6 .
- for new mysql version 5.7 it maybe causing some error in database ( thank you for zenbu who reported us this .
- please, install our script with mysql 5.0 to 5.6 .


Peepmatches v 1.7.2 ( 1 February 2019)
- A maintenance update for fixing some known bugs .
- For those did a fresh install from version 1.7.0, please un-install credits system plugin and setup it again from available plugins ( people who have old peepmatches installation and upgrade for version 1.7.0, don't have to do this ) .
Peepmatches v 1.7.0 ( 30 November 2018)

- New features :
1- Site credits payment : a new plugin enables users to pay with their credits to purchase premium memberships, etc ...  .

2- Cookies policy notification : it is a very important to notify your site guests that your site collects cookies .

3- Totally new admin board : we redesigned peepmatches admin board with new modern design .

4- Statistics and charts : Now site admin can collect site stat in admin board with smart charts .

5- Online moderators : Added a widget in admin board to track online moderators .

6- Plugins settings menu : added a new menu in admin board for collecting all plugins settings links in one place 

7- Back to top button added .

8- Added rates in photo view ( so from this peepmatches version we don't support photo rating game ) .

9- Some minor improvements .

- Bug fixes :
1- Facebook login solved .

2- Remove contacts issue solved .

3- Photo's album name issue resolved .

4- Suspend email title solved .

5- Members search fields design issue solved .

6- Site search not display results when video search option activated in search system plugin settings, resolved .

7- Solve the translation of 3 icons in bluecupid theme index page .

8- Many known issues resolved .
Peepmatches v 1.6.0 ( 5 June 2018)

- New features :
1- Videos plugin : Videos plugin is a part of any social networks and important to enable site users to share their videos
from other videos websites like youtube, facebook, vimeo ... etc  .

2- Bitcoin payment : Cryptocurrencies is very important nowadays, and bitcoin has been the most popular coin arround the world
through the internet, so we added payment by bitcoin for peepmatches credits system and premium membership subscriptions,
All you need to receive bitcoin from your site user is adding your crypto wallet address at admin board > bitcoin plugin settings .

3- Profile completeness : profile complete progress bar is seen in all social and dating networks, it tells your users 
what percent is their profile is completed .

4- To Do List : it is a plugin enables site admin to add site content in to do list, so it increase your site content,
it working with all peepmatches content ( photos, stories, videos etc... .

- Bug fixes :
1- Invalid url for contact block view all button ( solved ) .

2- Old registeration page look improved .

3- many minor bugs fixed .
Peepmatches v 1.5.0 ( 5 April 2018)

- New features :
1- Private photos : All dating and social networks needs photos privacy, so we add options for site's based on peepmatches 
script to make their photos private for their contacts only or for selected contacts or protect them with password .

2- RTL ( right to left ) : Now peepmatches is fully support right to left view for parsian and Arabic languages .

3- Blue cupid theme : we add another free theme, and it has new modern and beautiful look with new features, fully responsive
and fully customized from admin board .

4- Ionicons integration : now peepmatches support beside fontawesome .

5- Members on google map now show only for logged users, now if guests reach to users on map page they will redirect to
login page ( thanks for celecele's suggestion ) .

- Bug fixes :
1- photos stretching in rating game ( fixed ) ( thanks for Kisssssss ) .

2- 404 not found when clicking who like me button from some pages ( fixed ) ( thanks for hostingames ) .

3- 404 not found when clicking on users name in who liked me page and most liked members page ( resolved ) ( thanks for
shahadatcox ) .

4- and other bugs resolved as our customers reported ( thanks for all our customers whom co-operated with us to build 
peepmatches better ) .
Peepmatches v 1.4.1 ( 5 February 2018)

It is a quick update to fixe some bugs that reported from our customers from last update for version 1.4.0

-Fixed Bugs
1- resolved upload photo when a user visited a user profile then he click photo albums from the profile ( the upload 
photo button was not clickable ), ( Many thanks for Kiseee the person who reported this ).

2- Account types not appear in register page and edit information page ( resolved ).
3- Header menu button appear for guests ( resolved ) .
4- Buy credits page not responsive ( resolved ) .

- Notice : We recommend this update since we added required code for our upcoming premium memberships plugin, that
Peepmatches v 1.4.0 ( 1 February 2018)
- New features :
1- Time greetings like facebook: Greet your users by saying Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening like facebook,
it is grab user's time from his PC local time automatically, also it is translatable in languages .

2- New Credits buy page look : We redesigned new modern credits buy page like professional dating sites, and there is 
a new sidebar gives users what advantages they will get by these credits .

3- New modern emoticons plugin, with multible categories tabs : Admin can add many emoticons categories and upload emoticons
to this category to display with tabs in frontend .

4- Popularity system based on like profile plugin : Now the system will calculate likes and turn it what is this user is
popular, this popularity calculation will appear in user's profile and for the owner in welcome header block .

5- Likes notification : Now the user will receive notifications when someone liked his profile .

6- Profile about tabs : Now admin can choose if want display profile about info with tabs menu, this option is nice idea 
if you have many profile fields sections and want to collect them into tabs instead of one table display .

- Improvements :

1- increased photo preview and sharing links photo in contacts newsfeed to 100% display ( thanks for Oscardc for his suggestion ) .
2- flexible header .
3- profile slider gallery .
4- site performance .
5- increased photos sizes in photos browse page .
6- upload photos button in contacts newsfeed form now clickable everywhere .
7- Profile pic ( avatar ) preview now display 100% size .
8- Adult warning page now display correctly in mobile devices .
9- Site logo now display in site offline mode page in mobile, and the page display correctly now .
And many other improvements .

- Bug fixes :
We worked hard to resolve all bugs that reported by our customers, you are welcome to report any bug to resolve it in
next updates .
Peepmatches v 1.3.0 ( 29 November 2017)

- Totally New modern design .
- Improved design for mobiles.
- New members page with advanced filter search. 
- New nice profile page with full cover slideshow . 
- Added facebook login .
- Add featured members block in user dashboard and members page ( Admin must set member as featured from member's profile).
- Fontawesome integration ( if you add new page just go to and choose your icon then copy <i class="fa ...etc" /> code and paste it beside the menu title .
- Add update status form to contacts news in user's dashboard ( Now your website users can post and say something to their contact such as facebook ) "Many of our customers request this from us".
- New chat messanger look in desktop and mobile .
- More theme design elements added to adminboard .
- Resolved reported bugs .
Peepmatches v 1.2.0 ( 20 January 2017)

- Updated PHPMailer to latest version .
- Geo targeting advertisment ( Added ) .
- Invite friends from facebook google address book and by manual invitation mails ( Added ) (facebook app and google client needed to facebook and gmail invite appear) . 
- Share site and site contents to other social networks like facebook,   google plus, twitter, linkedin, digg, etc ... ( Added ) (Add this profile id needed to display social sharing tools on the site ). 
- Re-designed photos plugin for better look and best function for browsing photos page,  uploading photos, photo popup view .
- Ajax photo search added in photos page ( now members can type       @username in search photos to find all another users's photos.
- improved site layouts and site blocks design.
- Contacts feed title crash when the title is big ( Resolved ) .
- Spotlight users now open in the same page .
- Minor bugs solved .
Peepmatches v 1.1.0 ( 12 november 2016 )
- Add emoticons ( admin can edit or add unlimited emoticons by plugin settings ).
- Add google auth login ( you should add google app id and app secret ) . 
- Add show members on map ( add show on map button at members page, and all users
  shown on map- the plugin not need for google api ). 
- Add total members count at members page .
- User profile url now is instead of
- Add new option for profile fields enable you to add unlimited drop down values .
- Landing page design improved .
- Members page blured profile pic is resolved and members page redesigned .
- profile pics issue at most liked members page resolved ( Thank you for popofloop (Tamer Said)
  who reported us for this issue ).
- like / dislike profiles replaced with nice heart icon .

Version 1.0.0 Peepmatches first version . ( 18 october 2016 )

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