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PlixMovies Guide – Most web developers wrestle to meet the expense of something unique and roomy to users later than developing a product or application. It is crucial to follow such practices and fabricate a product that users will find to be creative and innovative. This is because users will be more drawn to such products, which will back up you construct web apps more or less android,angular,css,html,Hyprid Apps,ionic,ios,Lastest Movies,Lastest TV shows,movies,MOVIES GUIDE,netflix,scss,streaming.

You must along with put in additional efforts to ensure that your web app is convenient to use and budget-friendly. Developing a web app by keeping track of every the above-mentioned factors may seem challenging. This is why you should find using these popular web application templates later PlixMovies Guide

Choose from over 400 app templates and web application templates. Explore items created by our global community of independent developers, confident they’re hand-reviewed by us. Please download source code project through link below.

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PlixMovies Guide is a crossplatform built using angular/html and css (Don’t Wory If you are not familiar with angular you will not need it to configure your app but you need some skill in css so you can change the theme) allows you to see reviews of movies, tv shows and actors.
Explore production details, audience reviews and cast.


  • Search movies or tv shows by genre, popularity or date.
  • You can use the filter tool
  • Every Movie/TV Show contains overview,trailer,photos,actors,similar movies
  • You can get the movie’s overview with more than 100 langagues(in the filter tool)
  • You Can Run the app under different platform(web,android,ios) With powerful features and beautiful design

Home Page

Movies Page

Genre Page

Filter Tool Page

Movie Detail

All In One


  • Visual Studio Code
  • ANDROID STUDIO or XCODE depending your target platform
  • Create an account in admob,tmdb


  • Source Code PlixMovies
  • Full step by step documentation



  • Menu For Movies:Popular,Top rated,Upcoming,trending Movies
  • Menu For TV SHOWS:Popular,On The Air,Airing Today,Top RATED tv show
  • SideMenu Bar:Contains Other Pages like chose a movie/tv show by genre ,activate control parental


  • Filter With release year,rate,genre,region
  • Sort by:popularity,release Date,revenue,Original title,Vote Average,Vote Counte

Movie or TV show Detail:

  • you can watche the trailer,read overview,see photos,actors(you can also read their biography),and recommended movies that are similar to the selected movie


  • ADMOB ADS: BANNER ,Interstitial(On Movie OR TV show Click)

Script DemoDownload Script

android,angular,css,html,Hyprid Apps,ionic,ios,Lastest Movies,Lastest TV shows,movies,MOVIES GUIDE,netflix,scss,streaming

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