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QRcdr – responsive QR Code generator – If you are searching for Php script or web based application. next you can locate it here taking place the best php script for your situation or you can use it for accumulation your programming skill. were to be used in a web application, it would writing a script, then it is important to know infatuation to be written by a php developer. In this php application you can learn and simple to use practically bitcoin,generator,gradient,paypal,php,qr code,qr code generator,qr code widget,qrcode,qrcode maker,qrcoder,responsive,script,whatsapp,widget. Php script thaht will help you to write a website later than your own code. So, what is QRcdr – responsive QR Code generator ? You can can download and try it through button bellow.

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QRcdr - responsive QR Code generator - 1
QRcdr - responsive QR Code generator - 2

Generate your personal QR Code in few clicks!

Upload your logo, select custom colors, select a pattern and download the final QRcode.
Available formats: .png, .svg.

Demo page included

QRcdr - responsive QR Code generator - 3

QRcdr - responsive QR Code generator - 4


  • Color picker
  • Custom Background and Foreground color
  • Transparent background
  • Gradient foreground
  • Advanced QR Code patterns
  • Custom QR Code Markers border and center
  • Custom Frames
  • Custom label
  • Image uploader
  • Custom watermarks
  • Location search
  • OpenMaps or GoogleMaps
  • Responsive
  • Multilanguage
  • Easy setup
  • Save QRcodes in .png and .svg format
  • Custom theme color
  • Custom layouts
  • Live preview

Avialble QR Code types:

  • Link
  • Text
  • E-mail
  • Location (with GoogleMaps)
  • Telephone
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • WI-Fi access
  • V-Card
  • Events
  • PayPal checkout
  • BitCoin transaction
Big Thanks to qrplanet.com which actively supported this project


Version 5.2.7
- Update: support unicode chars inside frame label
- Update: New Chinese font
- Fix: Safari bug downloading png without logo or background image
- Fix: xlink:href to support pdf export with embedded images

Version 5.2.6
- Update: preloader to save process

Version 5.2.5
- Update chinese translation
- New markers
- PHP 8 support
- Update: href attribute instead of xlink:href for svg image elements
- Fix Vcard format name
- Minor css layout fixes

Version 5.2.4
- Fix: frame color with gradient foreground

Version 5.2.3
- New: Background image
- New: Masked background image
- Update: send email in W3C format
- Update: better mobile view for vertical layout
- Fix: black background color

Version 5.2.2
- Update: html_entity_decode frame label text
- Fix: export .pdf with svg icons

Version 5.2.1
- Update: new fonts available
- Update: better frame label text alignment
- Update: handle special chars for frame label text
- New: French translation
- Fix: generate pdf (bug with Chrome)
- Fix: logo position with frame

Version 5.2.0
- New: Resize logo
- New: Custom fonts for frame label text
- New: resize frame label text
- New: download .PDF (available for QR codes without gradient)
- Update: replace bootstrap-colorpicker with Spectrum
- Update: partial support for Bootstrap 5

Version 5.1.7
- Update: PHP 8 support, fix deprecated functions

Version 5.1.6
- New: RTL support for Arabic, Azeri, Dhivehi, Hebrew, Kurdish, Persian (farsi), Urdu
- Update: default front and back colors inside process
- Update: default size inside process
- FIx: vcards name bug

Version 5.1.5
- Update: error correction level optimized, best readability with low precision and logo selected
- Update: validate urls with special chars inside main domain
- Update: optional session_name
- Update: max-length for text areas
- Update: Optimized ajax call
- Update: Toast alerts
- New: Chinese language (thanks to duan2001)
- Fix: Correct Vcard address format also without country field
- Fix: add version to loadQRcdrJS()
- Fix: load multiple custom logos after first upload

Version 5.1.4
- New: deep linking with specific #tab
- New: option relative_path
- Fix: update options after first live preview
- Update: separate sections for colors and size options
- Update: hexdec conversion for php >= 7

Version 5.1.3
- Fix: get current language inside process
- Fix: avoid double click on save button

Version 5.1.2
- Update: support for IE 10 & IE 11, drop support for IE < 10
- Update: refresh live preview after 3 sec.
- Update: validate urls without protocol
- Update: check PHP version >= 5.4
- Fix: Update PayPal main currency and shipping currency

Version 5.1.1
- Update: 1 new frame
- Update: check if XLS extension is enabled
- Update: UTF-8 encoded Vcard address
- Update: default precision option inside config file

Version 5.1.0
- New: Live Qr-code preview
- New: Default OpenMaps if no GoogleMaps API provided
- Update: 1 new Frame
- Update: Full list of currencies available with PayPal
- Update: selective rounded buttons for Tabnav, Options and Save button
- Update: all functions wrapped inside class
- Update: set session samesite strict for php >= 7.3
- Update: wrap main javascript into a jquery plugin
- Update: debug mode option
- Update: minified scripts
- Fix: support svg images with default logos

Version 5.0.1
- Fix: right margins to frames with complex QRcodes

Version 5.0.0
- New: Advanced patterns
- New: Frames option with custom labels
- New: Different color for each marker option
- New: Sidebar position option
- New: Accordion / toggle settings option
- New: Rounded buttons option
- Update: New markers
- Fix format number for USD / BTC rates

Version 4.0.9
- Update: save .png Android support
- Update: Fax field inside Vcards
- Fix: Vcard phone values

Version 4.0.8
- Update: accept SVG watermarks
- Update: validate special chars inside urls
- Fix: visible SVG PNG button for Qrcode download

Version 4.0.7
- New: Navbar as template file
- Update: better vertical layout pagination
- Fix: remove line breaks from tel countrycodes dropdowns

Version 4.0.6
- Fix: internal server error

Version 4.0.5
- New: Layout option Classic or Vertical
- New: Polish language
- Update: Bitcoin price in real time from Coinbase
- Update: Event reminder, Link and Notes

Version 4.0.4
- New: Event calendar
- New: Zoom reunion
- New: Remove background behind Logo
- Update: Editable Latitude and Longitude fields for location
- Update: Vcard improved
- Update: values 'lat' and 'lng' moved inside the file confg to set the initial map position
- update: new default watermarks
- Fix: Create high resolution .png for Safari browser
- Fix: Display marker on the map opened with Android

Version 4.0.3
- New: Skype Chat and Call
- Update: remove anti-alias from generated .png
- Fix: Switch language
- Fix: Print QRcode

Version 4.0.2
- Fix: pre-process watermark
- Fix: sanitize language variable

Version 4.0.1
- Update: Spanish language
- Update: refresh generated QRcodes

Version 4.0
- New: Custom QR-code Eyes (markers)
- New: Gradient colors
- New: sidebar template
- Update: New patterns
- Update: Save only .svg version on server
- Update: colorpicker
- Update: client side user logo thumbnails

Script DemoDownload Script

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