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Repair Shop Manager – Learn how to create a Repair Shop Manager using Php. This simple application can be used in any system that needed a login verification. Php is a web in action system developed to build website application. It used in several gadgets once smartphones, tablets, and even television. Php is entrance source to developers who has an combination in developing mobile apps. It next provides an adaptive framework that allows the developer to manufacture apps in a simpler way. In this Php application source code you will learn roughly customers,financial,fix,graph,inventory,invoice,laravel,management,order,payment,php,repair,shop,tool,workshop.

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Repair Shop Manager is an Advanced, powerful, flexible complete management software for repair shops. It has powerful reporting features. You and your clients can keep track of repair status and invoices. Invoices can be paid online using paypal. Industries supported by Repair Shop Manager Include:Computer Repair Shops,Cell Phone Repair Shops,IT Consultants & MSP’s,Franchise Management Software,HVAC Service Businesses,Plumbing Service Businesses,Electrical Contractor Software,General Repair Shops,Watch Repair Shops,Scuba / Dive Shops,Musical Instrument Sales/Repair,Mobile Repair Techs,Auto Repair,Small Engine Repair Shops, Electronics Repair Shops, General Repair Shops

Key Features include:

  1. Client/Customer Management:With powerful customer management and search you have your entire database instantly available from anywhere. 
  2. Repairs Management:Keep a database of repair orders from your customers. You can generate an invoice right from the repairs menu. Clients can check status of repairs by logging in tp the portal
  3. Client Portal:Your customers will feel safer and more confident with the ability to check status, see invoice history, and preview and approve/decline estimates all from a portal they can access with just a click from all the emails you send them. The portal can be translated to any language for you international users.
  4. Invoice Management: Clean invoice system with pdf export, email clients their invoices
  5. Online Payments(Paypal):Clients can pay their invoices using paypal right from their portal.
  6. Partial Payments:Invoices can accepts partiall payments
  7. SMS Module(3 SMS gateways included):You can send sms alerts to your customers on repair status change or any other events. We included 3 sms gateways thus giving you a wider options.
  8. Auto SMS & Auto Email:Choose to alert the client automatically of repair status change. Alerts can be send via sms or email
  9. Translate to your Language:Its very easy to translate the system into your own langauge
  10. Full Settings(Control your system, from sms,email templates):Edit how the system behaves
  11. Financial Reports, Graphs: VIew reports in a graphical view
  12. Payroll: Payroll for your staff
  13. Expenses: Keep Track of your expenses
  14. Other Income: Track your other income
  15. Events:Store your events and see them in a calendar. Also see upcoming repair due in your calendar
  16. Fully Responsive:The system is fully responsive thus it can be viewed from any device.

Demo Details

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Update Log

V2.1 (13 Feb 2020)

1)Update to Laravel 6

2)Speed Improvements

3)Improve role management

4)Added Google recaptcha

5)Prepared code for major v3

V1.6 (17 Feb 2018)

New features include

1)Separate clients table

2)All HTTP SMS APIs supported

3)Updated look and feel

4)Assign repair to staff and set commission

6)Extra Reports

7)Bug fixes

V1.5 (19 Sep 2017)

New features include

1)Create repairs for walk-in clients

1)Add user when u create repair

3)Add Saved Items to your invoices

4)Add updater which will download updates from our server

5)Bug fixes

V1.4 (23 May 2017)

New features include

1)Payroll: Now you can have a payroll for your staff

3)Expenses- Keep track of your expenses

4)Other Income- Keep track of your other income

5)Events- Add events, see upcoming repairs on your calendar

6)Communication- Send bulk email and sms to your clients

7)Added update wizard

8)Fixed installer and other bugs

V1.3 (3 Mar 2017)

New features include

1)Custom Fields:You can now add your own custom fields to repairs

2)Added missing manage Status page

3)General bug fixes

V1.2 (14 Dec 2016)

New features include

1)Invoice Items: Now you can add items like spare parts used to the invoice

2)Improved invoice appearence and ability to send reminders and overdue notices

3)Multiple Tax Rates which can be added to individual invoice items

4)Custom Repair Status

5)Clients can now create repairs 

6)General bug fixes

V1.1 (7 Nov 2016)

New features include


2)Tickets for customer support

3)Manageable User permissions

4)Track Repair Status without login

5)print tag for device 

6)An easy system updater

7)Fix other bugs like password reset not working


Initial Release

Script DemoDownload Script


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