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Simple Subscription Popup-jQuery Email Signup Form – If youre avid in becoming a web developer, JavaScript is one of the best coding languages you can learn. Getting up to date later than JavaScript basics means using those skills to build JavaScript projects. Luckily, we know some fun JavaScript sample projects and beginner projects you can reach to hone your skills. gone Simple Subscription Popup-jQuery Email Signup Form

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Simple Signup Form jQuery Plugin will collect the visitor’s email address on your website with an attention-grabber, effective way. It has a lot of optional customization options and you can setup simply in minutes.

WordPress Plugin made by Envato Elite Author

Using the latest CSS3 animations with AJAX validation the Signup Form will build your email list effectively in no time.
You can use it with MailChimp, but if you have any other email database manager, you can use it with that as well. In that case, the plugin will send you a message about every subscription with the user’s email address, therefore you can easily add it to your own email list manager. You can also use this function as a signup notification.

Animated Elements

Simple Signup Form for jQuery

Animated form elements with different type of animations, including move, fade or scale styles in normal or random order. However, it is possible to disable this feature, it is highly recommended to get more attention and subscriptions.

Advanced Custom Fields

Create as many custom fields as you wish and all of them can be passed to your MailChimp List.

jQuery Popup Form

Social Signup, MailChimp and Custom Modes

Social signup for the subscribers via their Facebook or Google+ account. The subscription is really simple, just click on the Facebook or Google+ button and the email address is automatically copied to the signup form.

Simple Subscription Popup-jQuery Email Signup Form - 1

The subscription form supports the popular MailChimp or you can get the subscribers email address directly to your mailbox with mail mode. With this method you can add the email address to any third party newsletter software. It is possible to make your own customization and add your own code in the plugin, therefore it will automatically save the email address to your other newsletter software.

Easy YouTube Integration

Make you signup form unique with a YouTube video to get more better conversion. You have to simply specify the video ID in the parameters and it will be automatically added to the signup form.

Simple Subscription Popup-jQuery Email Signup Form - 2Popup Form jQuery

Some Feedback

Newsletter Pop Up Subscription Form

jQuery Popup Form

jQuery Popup Form

Key Features

  • Social Signup (Facebook, Google+)
  • Custom Fields
  • Different Animation Types
  • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly
  • MailChimp Support
  • Lightweight Javascript, using CSS3 Animations with AJAX Validation
  • Compatible with All Major Browsers
  • Unlimited Color Variations
  • Customizable Animation Time, Auto-Open and Timer Feature
  • Signup Notifications, 9 Different Positions
  • 650+ Font Styles

How to get Updates?

After you purchased go to the Downloads and set the checkbox to on. You can also rate the plugin there.

Simple Subscription Popup-jQuery Email Signup Form - 3

Please note, the plugin requires PHP on your server.

ThemeForest Theme Developers

Would you like to include this plugin into your theme?
Purchase one extended license for each theme you want to sell on any Envato Marketplaces. Drop me a line via my profile page mail sender and I will add your theme link to this page.

Work with Us – Just Spread the Word

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It is very simple, just share the following link on your Blog, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere : (replace yourusername to your Codecanyon username)

When you refer new users you?ll receive 30% of their first purchase or cash deposit! For detailed informations about the referral comission, click here.

Refund Policy

Full refund can be given, if the plugin doesn’t work on your website as it described, the issue caused by the product and can’t be fixed in 48 hours. In most cases, if the plugin doesn’t work on your website, that caused by any of the following reasons:

  • outdated WordPress Theme, that has an error in the background
  • outdated other plugin(s), that has an error in the background
  • other plugin or theme, that includes invalid jQuery version instead of using the WordPress built-in jQuery
  • hosting limitations or configuration issues
  • incorrect plugin configuration

Before you send a refund request, please make sure you already contacted with the support here and provided your website’s URL. If the plugin doesn’t work as it described and the problem is with the plugin, that can’t be fixed in 48 hours, then you can get a full refund.

If you refusing the free support and the issue can’t be investigated, then you can’t get a refund.


If you have any question or feedback, please feel free to email me via my user page contact form.
The plugin’s FAQ also contains some useful informations.

Simple Subscription Popup-jQuery Email Signup Form - 5Simple Subscription Popup-jQuery Email Signup Form - 6Simple Subscription Popup-jQuery Email Signup Form - 7Simple Subscription Popup-jQuery Email Signup Form - 8


Check out the changelog here.


I owe a big thank you for the following websites:

  • Google Fonts
  • jQuery
  • MailChimp
  • MailChimp API
  • WordPress & jQuery Plugins

Script DemoDownload Script

animated,css3,email,form,jquery,mailchimp,mailchimp api,marketing,newsletter,popup,signup,subscribe,subscription

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