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Slider Puzzle – HTML5 Game (Phaser 3) – This time we will part virtually html5 script and how to use it. Html5 script are the most popular scripting language for web development. Withhtml5 we can make many project and application, compare next javascript and css. For example past android,board,browser,casual,html5,ios,kid,phaser,puzzle,slider, as a result if you desire to learn more virtually this project, keep stay in this declare Slider Puzzle – HTML5 Game (Phaser 3). You can download this html5 script through button below.

Script DemoDownload Script

Slider Puzzle is a simple HTML5 classic puzzle game. You have to slide the tiles to reassemble a picture, by touching or clicking the block you want to move.

You can add, remove or replace the images easily (level/puzzle list will be generated automatically), if you want to add or remove an image, you need to modify a bit of code (No programming knowledge needed to do this).

Minimum board size (col & row) is 3×3, there are no maximum board size, you can set the board size as much as you want.

*Note: Is better to use your own images or you have a rights on it. images that are used on this game are just sample.

This game has been developed using Phaser 3, Phaser is a free open source HTML5 game framework


  • Source file (HTML5)
  • 720×1080
  • Cross-platform
  • Time counter
  • Easy to modify
  • Puzzle imagethumbnail
  • Clean layout
  • Small file size

Script DemoDownload Script


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