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Text Encrypter – Learn how to create a Text Encrypter using .Net. This simple application can be used in any system that needed a login verification. .Net is a programming language full of zip system developed by Apple. It used in several gadgets afterward smartphones, tablets, and even television. iOS is get into source to developers who has an engagement in developing mobile apps. It with provides an adaptive framework that allows the developer to build apps in a simpler way. In this iOS application source code you will learn nearly encrypt,encryption,file,protect,text,tool.

Choose from over 600 .Net scripts. Explore items created by our global community of independent developers, confident they’re hand-reviewed by us. Please download Text Encrypter source code project through link below.

Script DemoDownload Script


  • Users can now copy their decryption key to their clipboard
  • Fixed some minor bugs

This tool simply allows for the user to open a text file and encrypt it using a custom algorithm. The algorithm itself isn’t that easy to be cracked so users won’t have to worry about any reverse engineering against their files.
Upon encryption the user will be given an 8 character key which they would need for when they choose to decrypt their file.


  • Pre-built application so users can use this tool without needing to compile the source code
  • Ability To encrypt and decrypt data
  • Full Source Code

Example of How This Could Be Of Use

With access to the source code, developers could implement this into their programs to:

  • Store data securely
  • Send encrypted data over the web that can only be read with those with an encryption key

Script DemoDownload Script


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