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ThePlayer Music&Radio Player Pure Javascript – Learn how to make a ThePlayer Music&Radio Player Pure Javascript using Javascript. This easy application can be used in any system that needed a login verification. Javascript is a web and mobile dynamic system developed to built web and mobile application. It used in several gadgets gone smartphones, tablets, and even television. Javascript is gain access to source to developers who has an assimilation in developing website or mobile apps. It moreover provides an adaptive framework that allows the developer to produce apps in a simpler way. In this iOS application source code you will learn about javascript,media,music player,playlist,radio,shuffle,svelte,theme,video.

Choose from over 1,200 Javascript app templates. Explore items created by our global community of independent developers, confident they’re hand-reviewed by us. Please download ThePlayer Music&Radio Player Pure Javascript source code project through link below.

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ThePlayer Music Player Plugin's Descriptions

ThePlayer Music Player

Let your users listen, mix and repeat your audio files with a great interface.

Radio Support

ThePlayer can play internet radio sources, seeking can be used in the played parts.


ThePlayer is designed to support multiple languages. To add new ones to those already supported, copy one of them into a file, translate the entries, compile the project, done!

Preference Remembering

ThePlayer remembers volume and playing modes (repeat, shuffle), can continue playing from where it left off and no server needed!

API Support

Access ThePlayer functions, change audio, pause and play, skip to previous-next track, add new tracks, work in harmony with your own application.

Window Title Management

Project the playing track information into the window title area. The original title can be preserveable. A special dynamic script language is supported just for this.

Compact Mode

If you’re looking for a simpler interface, try “compact mode” without cover photo and track information.

Reactive Layout

It has a great interface baked with Svelte. Everything is dynamic and happens instantly.

Programmable Events

Register your event listener methods for well designed events. ThePlayer will do the rest by executing your method when the event occurs.

Theme Support

Multiple layouts and multiple themes for each layout are supported. You can use the same or a different theme for each track.

Script DemoDownload Script

javascript,media,music player,playlist,radio,shuffle,svelte,theme,video

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