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Url Shortener – If you are looking for Php script or web based application. then you can find it here taking place the best php script for your event or you can use it for addition your programming skill. were to be used in a web application, it would writing a script, then it is important to know habit to be written by a php developer. In this php application you can learn and simple to use not quite short url,tiny url,tinyurl,url shortener,url shortener script,yii. Php script thaht will put up to you to write a website subsequently your own code. So, what is Url Shortener ? You can can download and attempt it through button bellow.

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This is an advanced URL Shortener service, which allows you short long URL.
Users can share links in popular social networks or save link as a QR-Code. In addition, this application has an admin panel. You can easily customize any part of application. Also, flexible and advanced Administrator URL module makes your work easier to control URLs.


  • Your own URL shortening service
  • Admin URL Management system, advanced searching and sorting
  • QR Code
  • Auto copy button
  • Social Sharing
  • SEO, Og properties customization
  • Clean and friendly user interface
  • Developer API
  • Flexible configuration

Applications demo

Online Demo


Online Documentation


Download and upload http://short.php8developer.com/requirements.php (copy and open in a new tab) file to your web server and run it via browser to see whether you can run URL Shortener on your server.

Developer API

Developers can use API to shorten long URLs. Example





v 1.6 – 2021.09.18

  • Small bug fix

v 1.5 – 2021.06.26

  • Classname typo fix
  • UI text bug fix

v 1.4 – 2021.06.25

  • PHP 7.4/8 support
  • MySQL strict mode support
  • Updated theme

v 1.3 – 2019.05.30

  • PHP 7.3, PHP 7.2, PHP 7.1 Support
  • MySQL strict mode support

v 1.2 – 2018.02.11

  • Flash clipboard replaced by javascript clipboard
  • Timer on redirect page is not active when browser tab is not active

v 1.1 – 2016.11.20

  • Excluded possibility to generate short URLs from the same host. i.e. you can’t short “mydomain.com/xxx” URL if you installed script in “mydomain.com”

v 1.0 – 2016.01.10

  • Updated Cookie EU Law Javascript plugin

v 0.9 – 2015.09.28

  • Solution for EU cookie law

v 0.8 – 2015.03.23

  • Small bug fixes

v 0.7 – 2015.02.17

  • Improved URL recognition pattern

v 0.6 – 2015.02.06

  • HTML, JS, PHP bug fixes

v 0.5 – 2015.01.07

  • Some bug fixes

v 0.4 – 2014.06.05

Unique title on "redirect" page
Possibility to set limit of requests for users
One URL can be shortened only once.

Version 0.3

Bug fix
QR-Code generator works without curl library

Version 0.2

Added countdown timer before redirect.<br />
Documentation has been updated.

Version 0.1

Bug fixes
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Script DemoDownload Script

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