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vRent – Vacation Rental Marketplace – If you are searching for Php script or web based application. then you can locate it here going on the best php script for your business or you can use it for buildup your programming skill. were to be used in a web application, it would writing a script, subsequently it is important to know obsession to be written by a php developer. In this php application you can learn and easy to use more or less accommodation,airbnb,apartment,booking calendar,guest house,holiday rentals,hotel booking,property booking,reservation,resort,tour operator,tourism,travel agency,travel guide,vacation. Php script thaht will incite you to write a website subsequently your own code. So, what is vRent – Vacation Rental Marketplace ? You can can download and attempt it through button bellow.

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Support/Help are provided by Support Ticket. Please send us e-mail to support@techvill.org or
click to Create Ticket.

What is vRent?

vRent is an online vacation rental booking website designed particularly for holiday rentals all over the world. vRent is exclusively designed to satisfy the needs of the landlords who want to seriously make money by listing vacation rentals from all around the globe. vRent allows you to create your own vacation rental platform to help guests to find space for a cost.

Demo Site info:

Admin Login:

username  : admin@techvill.net
password   : 123456

Host Login:

URL: https://vrent.techvill.org
username   : test@techvill.net
passwrod    : 123456

Guest Login:

URL: https://vrent.techvill.org
username   : customer@techvill.net
passwrod    : 123456












Unlimited Property Listings

The property listings are not limited to specific numbers, where you can add hundreds of thousands of listings on your site as well as you can Add, Edit and manage your listing easily.

Flexible Usages

Now, anyone can use vRent, because you don’t have to gather extra knowledge of installaion & to manage your website.

Payment Module

Now Guest can pay using their paypal and credit card.

Google Map Integration

We made Google maps integration easy and hassle free and are 100% customizable.

Search by City and Country

Now search easier & get filtered results with search by City, State & Country filters.

Calendar Module

vRent comes with advanced calendar module to set price for each date.Host & admin can use the calendar by blocking the unavailable dates.Host also can set the minimum & maximun dates by selecting Start date & End date.

Social Signin

Social Signin is the secure and easy way for people to log into an account. Also signing in using your Facebook or Google+ account saves time from filling all the details during signup.

Host Service Fee

It is nothing but the owner will get certain % of commission, once a booking is completed on the website

Advanced Search/Filter option

Guest can easily search the property through search/filter option. Filter option is enable to search the exact result. When you will select the check-in & check-out, dates,location & price range you will get the result if that time property is available.

Expandable & Translation

vRent can translate user articles in different language. Its constantly improved its features & we are going to add more and more user friendly features.

Booking by Payment

In vRent users have to book property by payment. User choose their desiareable check-in & check-out date, fillup other detail info & send payment. By these way user can payment for booking.

Property Details

Each user can see the property details info from host listing property. From property, user will be able to book each available property.

Message communication System Between Guest & Host

Guest & Host can easily communicate with our messsage communication system by sharing their any opinion about the property.

Property Request

Host can set the property booking as Instant booking & Guest review each request.In Instant booking guest can booked instantly but in review, guest have to wait for a while to accepting the request from host.

Verification Option

vRent user can now verify their account with different social account like Facebook & Google plus.They also can verified their E-mail address too.

Review & Rating

Reviews section show the reviews done by the user themselves on other
properties and reviews given to them by other users.Guest can review and rating the Host after their stay.

Pricing Option

In vRent, you can done pricing in various ways.
Here, Nightly pricing is for all listing. The guest who will stay long time theye will get benefits as Weekly Discount percent & Monthly Discount percent.

Additional Pricing

Host also can give additional price in their listings as Weekend price, Clening fee, Additional guest fee & Security deposit.

-In weekend pricing, host can give price to their listing on weekends
-Additional guest price might be applied when host need,after how many guest he want additional price.

Static Pages & Metas

You can make static web pages content from Admin panel by your own requirements.Meta tags summarized the idea of what your site is about and what exactly the site keywords are.Meta tags are the words that are hidden in your code. People browsing your site will just not be able to see them.It brings higest site ranking quickly.

Site Settings

As a site owener you can set everything according to your convenience from settings option.

Sub Admin Management & Privelages

Not only a single admin, but also you can add sub admin for your site. That time you can set Role & Permission for those admin from Role permission option.As a site owener you can set everything according to your convenience from settings option

iCalendar Integration

vRent supports iCalendar. iCal is a file format that allows users to create and share electronic calendars. iCal helps you keeping your calendars automatically up to date. Once you link your calendars via iCal all new reservations or blocked dates will be instantly closed out on all connected calendars. You can Import, Export & Syn with other calendars.

Importing enables you to have a single-calendar view of all your reservations, seasonal events, holidays and more. This will help you prevent a double booking.

Email Templates

We have dynamic Email templates which supports multi-language. You can change the template contents according to your needs. You can send e-mail via two protocals- SMTP & Send mail, where send mail is dafault.

Property share option into social media

Now, you can share your porperty into different social media like Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin which will increase your property booking popularity. Below each property has share option to share property.


There are three types of Reports-

  • Overview & states
  • Sales Report
  • Sale Analysis

Overview & states: On this report you can see the total number of reservation from all customers region. Also can see the percentage(%) of per countries total reservation.

Sales Report: The total vRent sales overview is here. Past 12 months total Sales Income, Reserved/booked property & Reserved nights can see by this sales report.

Sales Analysis: Monthly Average sales and Reservation Rates for all properties are in this report chart.

Recommended Home

vRent admin can set particular property as recommended home, Recommended property randomly feature on Home page .


vRent admin can add Testimonial, Testimonial shown on Homepage .

Wallet System

vRent Host’s Balance added to wallet when guest book property, One can withdraw balance from Wallet

New Released Features (v-3.1)

Minimum Stay

Host can set minimum stay for his property on specific date. For example host set his property with minimum stay 3 nights on specific date, if a guest requests reservation that particular date, they’ll be required to stay 3 nights, not just 1 night.

I.V.A tax & Accommodation tax

Admin will get certain % of commission as IVA tax and Accommodation tax if admin set these option from admin fees settings, once a booking is completed on the website.

SEO url

vRent properties url is SEO friendly. Instead of id, property url now contain with property name, increase the visibility of a listing on search engine.

Update ChangeLog

vRent v-3.1 June 28, 2021

New Feature: Added minimimum saty for booking, host can set minimum stay for specific 
date from calender section. 
New Feature: I.V.A tax & accomodation tax added as fees, admin can set 
these from fees section.  
New Feature: SEO url for properties, instead of id now properties url based on property name. 

Improvement: Booking button on single page never hide
Improvement: Static page image upload
Improvement: Payout & transaction currecny 
Improvement: Property description character increase 500 to 1000
Improvement: Property image dimension rules

Bug Fixing: CSV & PDF export issue fix on admin panel.
Bug Fixing: Date issue on calender & other section.
Bug Fixing: Profile image upload issue
Bug Fixing: Email template design issue

vRent v-2.9 December 10, 2020

New Feature: Added recommended home on home page, managed by admin. 
New Feature: Added testimonial, shown on home page, managed by admin. 
New Feature: Wallet system added for user, user can show available balance. 
New Feature: Transaction list added to user dashboard. 

Improvement: Laravel version upgrade from 5.4 to 7.0.*
Improvement: Bootstrap version upgrade from 3.0 to 4.0.* on front end
Improvement: Front end Jquery version Upgrade from 1.11 to 3.5.* 
Improvement: From the home page slider has been removed, only one image shown as a banner.
Improvement: Request booking functionality update
Improvement: Wallet balance add after deducting host commission charge
Improvement: Payout details add on admin panel
Improvement: Social link share site link image add 
Improvement: User & Host both get email after booking
Improvement: Search Result page- More filter added on modal
Improvement: Inbox functionality improve
Improvement: User dashboard data flow improvement. 
Improvement: Top city has changed to top destination.
Improvement: Date picker updated for date range picker
Improvement: Search Bar design update as search form.
Improvement: Language has shown on modal instead of dropdown.
Improvement: Currency settings improvement on front-end. Currency name and symbol shown.
Improvement: Top destination feature also available in footer as shortcut link.
Improvement: For static page text editor is updated.
Improvement: All filter option is shown in dropdown.
Improvement: Price range slider improvement during search.
Improvement: Search page filter update with list view and grid view feature.
Improvement: Property list design update.
Improvement: Receipt page design change. 
Improvement: Pagination design update.
Improvement: Reviews on Dashboard, Separated by review by you and your review. Review details shows on modal. 
Improvement: Design update for user dashboard.
Improvement: New feature add on user dashboard sidebar
Improvement: Message conversation page update with new design and functionality.
Improvement: Listing page design update.
Improvement: Booking page design update.
Improvement: Trips page design update.
Improvement: Payouts, payouts settings design update.
Improvement: Transaction page design update.
Improvement: Edit profile, Photos, Verification, Change password page design update.
Improvement: Payout request & Payout setting on modal.
Improvement: Homepage banner size suggestions and restriction

Bug Fixing: Admin role & permission bug fix.
Bug Fixing: Duplicate search request issue fix.
Bug Fixing: Update profile gender issue fix
Bug Fixing: Site link share on social site meta image issue fix

vRent v-2.7 February 12, 2020

Bug Fixing: Fixed first time when adding profile picture from user profile an 
error occurring
Bug Fixing: Fixed user inactive showing an error in 
user page
Bug Fixing: Fixed user profile image upload text issue 
Bug Fixing: Fixed admin login error when giving wrong information
Bug Fixing: Fixed inserting message again and again when click more than one 
times in button
Bug Fixing: Fixed currency sign is showing undefined in user transaction list
Bug Fixing: Fixed Row per page not showing properly
Bug Fixing: Fixed error while doing user email verification
Bug Fixing: Fixed two property bookings at a time when giving payment 
crendentials (Stripe)
Bug Fixing: Fixed payout method details not saving in user panel
Bug Fixing: Fixed payout method details not saving in user panel
Bug Fixing: Fixed undefined city when property and booking is created

Improvement: Submit button color & position changed
Improvement: Changed background color for the success message
Improvement: Page redirection is not accurate in admin panel  
Improvement: Added admin messages module for sending the message as a host
Improvement: Added review rating edit option in the admin panel
Improvement: Added customer dynamically at the time of adding properties
Improvement: Can't see the host property booking list from property bookings in the user panel    
Improvement: Complete profile button will redirect to the user verification page
Improvement: Duplicate validation messages are showing
Improvement: Manage review page redirection not working while clicking on 
cancel button.
Improvement: If past review is not available don't need to show past review section
Improvement: Added property delete option
Improvement: Message is updated through descending order in the user dashboard.

New Features: Added phone number with country flag
New Features: Added Twilio for sending SMS in phone
New Features: Added preference with date separator and money symbol position
New Features: Added customer add option from admin properties

vRent v-2.5 May 16, 2019

Bug Fixing: Fixed problem on calendar date blocked for next month .
Bug Fixing: Calendar dates will remain block on calendar ( Decline Request) while user click on check box.
Bug Fixing: Guest public review will show on Host listing page & Host profile. 
Bug Fixing: Private review always shown into guest 'Review about' section.
Bug Fixing: Fixed search property issue from transcation history page.
Bug Fixing: Fixed Security issues from frontend.
Bug Fixing: Responsive issues into admin area & front-end property listing.
Bug Fixing: Fixed Role permission problem.
Bug Fixing: Error fixed for admin password validation.
Bug Fixing: Language missing in front-end form validation.

Improvement: Review rating will show with property name into user profile.
Improvement: Show verified logo while all verification will be done.
New Features: While all verification will be done, complete button won't be visible.  
New Features: User's get e-mail for payouts.
Improvement: Made logo responsive.
Improvement: Pdf logo problem is fixed.
Improvement: Added logo/favicon delete option.    
Improvement: Jquery validation into Signup, signin, user profile pages.
Improvement: Each customer total booking,properties, payouts, payment methods will show individually.
Improvement: Fixed sorting problem into admin area.
Improvement: Improvemt on Review problem into admin area.
Improvement: While admin payout to host those payout will be showed in new 'Payouts" column, if payouts done 
then show 'Yes' otherwise remain 'No" for each property.
Improvement: If Declined and cancelled bookings payout done then show Refund below the status.
Improvement: Language conversion (Payout method added, Accept/Decline, Reset password, Select payout, 
Delete photo from property lsiting).
Improvement: Amenities & Booking field will be required.
Improvement: In single property page display price(in info icon) for particular date.
Improvement: Added prefernces into Settings option.
Improvement: After filtering below each property booking type(Instant/Request) will showed.
Improvement: Payouts will be done by base currency.
Improvement: Booking details always shown on base currency.

New Features: iCalendar Integration.
New Features: CSV/PDF downlaod option into admin area.
New Features: Added property share option into social media below each property.
New Features: Added payouts list into admin area.
New Features: Added Email Templates.
New Features: Added filter option (Frontend)
            A. Transaction history
            B. By Booking type- Instant & Request booking
New Features: Added filter option (Admin)
            A. Customers
            B. Bookings
            C. Properties
            D. Payouts
                E. Manage Reviews
New Features: Reports
            A. Ovewrview & states
            B. Sales Reports
            C. Sales Analysis

vRent v-2.3 December 12, 2018

Bug Fixing: Age restriction in user registration,user can't registration if age is below 18.
Bug Fixing: All permission checkboxes were unchecked for specific role during edit role.
Bug Fixing: Showing success message when click on cancel button all areas of settings tab. 
Bug Fixing: Error in proper email(format, length) validation.
Bug Fixing: Default Cuurency was not set in Add Payout Method part in Payout Settings .
Bug Fixing: Logo is not in fixed size.
Bug Fixing: When admin payout to host/guest, payout always saves in EURO.
Bug Fixing: Default Cuurency was not set in Add Payout History part in Payout Settings. 
Bug Fixing: Error in password (length) validation. 
Bug Fixing: Responsive issue in user Dashboard, Home page, Transactions history. 

Improvement: Frontend Validation of 

    - Add/Edit Property Type Form under Settings tab.
    - Add/Edit Banners Form under Settings tab.
    - Add/Edit Starting City Form under Settings tab.
    - Add/Edit Space Type Form under Settings tab.
    - Add/Edit Bed Type Form under Settings tab.
    - Add/Edit Currency Form under Settings tab.
    - Add/Edit Country Form under Settings tab.
    - Add/Edit Amenity Type Form under Settings tab.
    - Add/Edit Language Form under Settings tab.
    - Add/Edit Role Form under Settings tab.
    - Add/Edit Customer Form under Customer tab.
    - Add/Edit Properties Form under Properties tab.
    - Add/Edit Amenities Form under Amenities tab.
    - Add/Edit Page Form under Static Pages tab.
    - Edit Review Form under Manage Review tab.
    - Add/Edit Admin User Form under Users tab.
    - Signup, Sign in, Forget password and reset password.
    - Property Settings under Properties tab.
    - Add/Edit form in Static Pages.

Improvement: Validation for all sections of listing, users profile in User Profile Form 
& Add Payout Method (in modals).
Improvement: By clicking Cancel button pages are redirecting to their own section instead of
redirecting to General settings page under Settings tab.
Improvement: Image validation (checking file type or extension) while uploading 
in frontend and backend)    

New Features: Showed property name on user transaction history. 
New Features: Payment methods Active/Inactive options under settings section.
New Features: Payout will be in default currency.

vRent v-2.1 September 20, 2018

Bug Fixing: php version 7.2 supported.
Bug Fixing: Price Range slider functionality upgrade in search page. 
Bug Fixing: Draggable search property on google map. 
Bug Fixing: Advanced filter through price range in search page.

Improvement: iPhone Supported for message detail page,user account,add payout method, 
transaction history, view receipt,calendar particular window open pages.

vRent v-1.9 July 07, 2018

Bug Fixing: Default Language issues on Home page.
Bug Fixing: Default language can't be deleted from admin.
Bug Fixing: Default currency can't be deleted from admin
Bug Fixing: Issues of php version 7.2 
Bug Fixing: When language is deactivated it won't show in language dropdown of site 
setting and Home page. 
Bug Fixing: When currency is deactivated it won't show in currency dropdown of site 
setting and Home page 

Improvement: Each property cover photo will show in google map.
Improvement: Upload image of Property listing.
New Features: PHP Send Mail Option apart from SMTP. 
New Features: Verify SMTP Settings.

vRent v-1.7 April 21, 2018

Bug Fixing: Language changes & frontpage design.
Bug Fixing: Forgot Password does not working.
Bug Fixing: Dashboard-total user & todays user aren't showing properly. 
Bug Fixing: Booking ascending/discending order.
Bug Fixing: Email address blank on reservation confirmation page (View Itinerary).
Bug Fixing: Transaction history's  date & amount showing undefined.
Bug Fixing: Messages page shows "null" when there are no messages, also in transaction history.
Improvement: Dynamic currency added.
Improvement: Property image re-ordering.
Improvement: Added inbox meanu at user site.
Improvement: When booking any propery its not coming in guest trips list.
New Features: 
         A. Verificatoin
         B. Review 
         C. Calendar added on admin area during property listing
         D. Property Available/Not Available in calender

vRent v-1.5

Bug Fixing: Website logo change.
Bug Fixing: Starting city delete in admin panel.
Bug Fixing: Starting city Inactive does not working.
Improvement: Search option.

vRent v-1.3

Bug Fixing: Dashboard Latest booking.
Bug Fixing: Accept/Decline email link dosen't working.
Improvement: Language translation issue.

Initial Release v-1.0 February 06, 2017

Initial Release


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