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Web Slide – Responsive Mega Menu CSS, HTML Dropdown Menu – If youre impatient in becoming a web developer, JavaScript is one of the best coding languages you can learn. Getting familiar later than JavaScript basics means using those skills to build JavaScript projects. Luckily, we know some fun JavaScript sample projects and beginner projects you can accomplish to hone your skills. like Web Slide – Responsive Mega Menu CSS, HTML Dropdown Menu

If youre upon the make known for JavaScript practice projects, weve put together a list of mare than 1200 JavaScript project ideas you can start committed on right now (whether youre looking for JavaScript projects for beginners, intermediate coders, or more highly developed coders).
Choose from over 1,200 JavaScript templates about animation menu,css menu,CSS Navigation,css responsive,css3 mega menu,css3 menu,drop down menu,Ecommerce Mega Menu,fullscreen menu,header menu responsive,mega dropdown menu,megamenu,off canvas menu,sidebar menu,website navigation. Explore items created by our global community of independent developers, confident they’re hand-reviewed by us. You can download this javascript script through button below.

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4000 Sales

This item is the best-rated mega menu in this market with over 850+ sales. This item made with custom, handwritten
code, without any third-party code so, It has a small code snippet with
some necessary CSS and JS files so, you can include in your web project and activate the responsive and
mobile-friendly mega menu in just minutes. It comes with beautiful CSS3 on hover and slide down animation which
gives an attractive look to your website. You can use this mega menu with help documents, which comes with the
purchase, you don’t need any deep knowledge of coding.

Mega menu features

Powerful Features

  • Well designed UI
  • Easy to use and customizable
  • Understandable well-written code
  • Unique CSS3 animation Effects
  • Sidebar mobile menu
  • The mobile app style looks and feels
  • One code for desktop and mobile device
  • Colors and gradients option
  • Lightweight code without image
  • Fully responsive mega menu
  • Sticky mega menu option
  • Stretchable mega menu
  • One page website menu
  • RTL supported
  • Step by the step Installation guide
  • Ecommerce mega menu option
  • Menu overlay option
  • Single page two mega menus
  • Supported any framework
  • Sticky header mega menu
  • Multi-level dropdown menu
  • Accordion-style menu sidebar menu
  • On hover and click mega menu
  • Off-canvas menu
  • Fully stretchable menu links
  • Two off-canvas menu option
  • Off-canvas anchor link menu
  • Full-screen menu
  • Mobile sidebar menu
  • Hamburger menu CSS responsive
  • Pure CSS responsive menu dropdown
  • Mobile slide-down toggle menu
  • Supports major browsers
  • Fully vector icons
  • Free future updates

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New Version 5.5 (10 February 2020)

- One New Layout on "Mobile Drawer Style" 

New Version 5.4 (14 July 2019)

- Fixed : Z-index issue on "Layout-04" 
- Fixed : Max-height issue on dropdown-effects -> rotate-y.css
- Fixed : Font Awesome icon missing code in typography mega menu
- Fixed: issue on "Two off-canvas " scrolling
- New :  Fullscreen Menu

Version 5.3 (03 March 2019)

- Fixed : Mobile browser zoom issue
- Update : Font awesome 5 icons
- Update : Mobile sub menu expand arrow code
- New : Full screen menu with more links

Version 5.2 (28 September 2018 )

- Fixed : Chrome 69 Mobile scrolling issue 
- Fixed : iOS device desktop-two off canvas (on scrolling hide) issue
- Update : Create new code for desktop onClick menu

Version 5.1 (12 September 2018 )

- Fixed : iOS devices scrolling issue
- Fixed : horizontal scrolling on desktop browser
- Fixed : Desktop header remove in mobile view
- Fixed : Microsoft touch devices

Version 5.0 (8 August 2018 )

- Update And Formatting All Code
- Add New Menus

Version 4.0 (7 February 2018)

- Little bug fixes and performance improve on ecommerce menu

Version 3.6 (27 October 2017 )

- Fixed responsive mode issue: Ecommerce Mega Menu 

Version 3.6 (08 August 2017 )

- Fixed issue: Pure css menu
- Fixed small issue: Full screen menu

Version 3.5 (27 June 2017 )

- Fixed issue: Ecommerce Mega Menu
New Menus
- Vertical Split Navigation 02 

Version 3.4 (29 March 2017 )

- Ecommerce Mega Menu: Fixed issue Z-index
- Ecommerce Mega Menu: Fixed issue related jQuery new version
- Ecommerce Mega Menu: Display All Submenu Menu Content in Small Device
- Ecommerce Mega Menu: Make separate submenu expander and  text link "a" tag
- New - Mega menu and Half menu feature added
- Fixed Problem off-canvas-menu open from right arrow display small error
- Remove Non Responsive Navigation Option
- Remove Dynamic Submenu Indicator Option
New Menus
- Full Screen : Vertical Split Navigation

Version 3.3 (9 January 2017 )

- Fixed: Isuue on IE9 in OnClick Menu
- Fixed: Dropdown isuue in Tablet/iPad
- Update Off-Canvas hamburger icon
- Organize All CSS/JS code
- Remover unwanted meta tags
- Minor bug fixed
- Improve Help Document
New Menus
- Two Off Canvas Menu 
- Ecommerce Mega Menu with Hover Tabing 
- Single Page Navigation

Version 3.2 (5 August 2016 )

- New menu with ecommerce site option
- New menu with search, social links option
- Fixed base class issue (override,  h1, h2, h3, etc.)
- Fixed minor bug in css
- Update Help Document.

New Version 3.1 (22 March 2016 )

Minor bug fixed
- z-index issue in top fixed menu
- on click menu close div

Version 3.0 (26 February 2016 )

Reduce click events in JQuery for batter load time.
Improve mobile animation speed.
Add "Accordion action" In mobile view.
update font-awesome version 4.5
New Demo: Center logo inside the navigation
New Demo: Off-Canvas menu Open From Contenner
New Demo: RTL support
New Demo: 2 Off-Canvas menus in One page 
New Demo: Left and right align menu
New Demo: JS-slide-down-menu
New Demo: Pure-css3-responsive-navigation
Minor Bug Fixed 

Version 2.6 (1 Dec 2015)

New Halfmenu Option Added 
Fixed little bugs in w3c validator
Fixed some grammatical error in webslidemenu.css
Improve Animation Speed in Mobile device
Bootstrap css overwrites problem fixed. 

Version 2.5 (11 Sep 2015)

Fixed Chrome issue to Reach 3rd level dropdown
Fixed Off-Canvas menu long link hidden issue 

Version 2.4

Expand mobile menu with tip on whole link
Fixed minor bug 
Add more demos 

Version 2.3

Fixed iPhone mobile view sub menu white space issue 

Version 2.2

Improved help document.
Minor changes on top link menu hover.

Version 2.1

Google chrome Drop down issue fixed. 
Top link click to remove right-border issue resolve.

Version 2.00

Drop down animation
Mobile drawer menu design change and Opener 
Google map integration
All Video integration (Supported - vimeo, HTML 5, Youtube )
Drop down image gallery
Typography (paragraph, icon links)
No Image Need
Supported : Fluid, Fixed Width
Supported : Top Fixed (Sticky menu)
And other minor issue fixed.

Version 1.00

1.0.4 (2015.03.13) – Just Including help files.
1.0.3 (2015.02.26) – Fixed: Generating more "wsmenu-click" span in collapsible menu in mobile view
1.0.2 (2015.02.14) – Just closed media query tag in css.
1.0.1 (2015.02.11) – Fixed wrap link text problem in mobile view.

Script DemoDownload Script

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