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WooCommerce Pin Payments Gateway – infatuation assist with WordPress? or you are looking for wordpress plugin for payment gateway,payment tokens,pin payments,pin.js,plugin,pre-order,products,refunds,save the customer credit cards,subscriptions,woocommerce,wordpress. try these basic CSS code examples to begin with, subsequently apply them to your own web pages. bearing in mind you’ve started dabbling in HTML, you’ll probably be enthusiastic in tallying more visual punch to your web pages. WordPress is the best pretension to get that. CSS lets you apply changes across your entire page without relying on inline styling.

Here are several simple Worpress plugins examples to perform you how to make some basic styling changes on your web page, WooCommerce Pin Payments Gateway. You can download this css script through button below.

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Pin payments wordpress plugin extension allows you to accept payments in WooCommerce via Pin Payments API Integration.


Plugin Features

  • Secure Credit Card Processing – Securely process credit cards without redirecting your customers to the gateway website.
  • Process Subscriptions – Use with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin to create and manage products with recurring payments.
  • Setup Pre-Orders – Use with WooCommerce Pre-Orders plugin so customers can order products before they’re available by submitting their card details. The card is then automatically charged when the pre-order is available.
  • Pay via Saved Cards – Enable option to use saved card details on the gateway servers for quicker checkout. No sensitive card data is stored on the website!
  • Refund via Dashboard – Process full or partial refunds, directly from your WordPress dashboard! No need to search order on gateway login.

Live Demo

  • Pin Payments Gateway Demo

Online Documentation

  1. How to Setup WooCommerce Pin Payments Gateway


Please use the dedicated support section on CodeCanyon.




= 2.9.4 (16 Feb 21) =
* FIXED: JPY amount

= 2.9.3 (21June20) =
* FIXED: Bug js create card token in pay for order page

= 2.9.2 (14 May 2020) =
* FIXED: Bug js validation and default store base country

= 2.9.1 (16 March 2020) =
* UPDATE: Update process refund amount to (int)

= 2.8.1 (07 Feb 2020) = 
* UPDATE: Captures a previously authorised charge

= 2.7.1 (24 Nov 18) = 
UPDATE: Card Token code update
TESTED: WC tested up to 3.5.1
TESTED: WP tested up to 4.9.8

= 2.6.1 =
UPDATE: Name on Card (optional) pre fill-up with customer billing name if blank
TESTED: WC tested up to 3.4.2
TESTED: WP tested up to 4.9.6

= 2.5.1 (05 july 18) =
UPDATE: Expired purchase code notice dismiss update
TESTED: WC tested up to 3.4.2
TESTED: WP tested up to 4.9.6

= 2.4.1 (22 may 18) =
UPDATE: additional accepted AMEX card logo.
TESTED: WC tested up to 3.3.5
TESTED: WP tested up to 4.9.6

= 2.3.1 (12 dec 17) =
UPDATE: additional settings for accepted card logos.
UPDATE: additional settings to hide save cards.
UPDATE: additional settings for codecanyon purchase code.

= 2.2.1 (12 may 17) =
FIXED: There was a problem adding this card 

= 2.2 (20 feb 17) =
UPDATE: Auto Detect if order is virtual. the order status is automatically complete after payment. 
FIXED: Existing Customer Token  

= 2.1  (09 feb 17) =
UPDATE: Guest Checkout supported

= 2.0 (04 feb 17) =
STOPPED: Stop development of WC Pin Payment Gateway plugin version 1.x.x.
UPGRADE: upgrade all source code to support WooCommerce version 2.6.x.
SUPPORT: API Subscriptions method for WooCommerce version 2.6.x.
SUPPORT: API Refund method for WooCommerce version 2.6.x.
SUPPORT: API Pre-Order method for WooCommerce version 2.6.x.
SUPPORT: Payment Token method for WooCommerce version 2.6.x.
SUPPORT: Pin.js for converting credit card details into a Pin Payments card token.

= 1.3.2 (23 oct 15) =
FIXED: for default credit card form has fields.

= 1.3.1 (12 oct 15) = 
UPDATE: Option to Input Name on Credit Card.
UPDATE: Option to Save the Customer Credit Cards automatically on Pin Payments secure servers.
UPDATE: Option to Set Debug Log
UPDATE: New Currency Supported ( "HKD", "JPY", "MYR", "THB", "PHP", "ZAR", "IDR" )
UPDATE: Refund via Pin Payments Supported

= 1.2.1 (24 april 15) =
FIXED: Source Code Fixed and escaped function add_query_arg() for XSS Vulnerabilities Issue

= 1.1.1 (21 june 14) =
UPDATE: New settings implemented option to select whether or not to immediately capture the charge ("Yes" or "No").
UPDATE: New Settings Implemented option to set Enable/Disable Pin Payments Accepted Card Logos.

= 1.0.1 (12 june 14) = 
FIXED: "Fatal error: Can't use method return value in write context" has been fixed for WooCommerce version 2.1.11 .

= 1.0 (10 june 14) =
INIT: Initial release version

Script DemoDownload Script

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